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(Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail)
(Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail)

Ivor Tossell

Technology Culture Columnist

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Toronto startup targets fragmented water industry

WatrHub Inc. is a Toronto startup that’s making a big data play of collecting as much information as they can about the state and performance of the continent’s water utilities, and the industries that supply and rely on them

Dec 08, 2014

With magnetic connectors, cords and plugs will become things of the past

Tim Szeto's product is a system for connecting devices called NanoPort. "It's like MagSafe meets USB," he explains, which about sums it up. Instead of plugging a USB connector into a socket, his system enables users to simply snap two flat edges together to form a magnetic seal. When they do, not only do the devices stick together, but they can share both power and data.

Dec 01, 2014

Cloud-based diary platform keeps your secrets safe

A Toronto company has found a sustainable global niche by offering a cloud-based platform for journaling. Not journaling in a corporate sense, or an accounting sense, but plain old journaling: Writing your deepest thoughts in a diary you don’t want anyone to see

Nov 26, 2014

Drone makers set sights on photographers

Drones! They’re not just for killing terrorists. As small unmanned aircraft become cheaper and more commonplace, their applications are getting more and more workaday. Like, for instance, wedding photos.

Nov 17, 2014

Tech-savvy law firm caters exclusively to dentists

Michael Carabash says his curiously-focused three-person practice – the only one he knows that caters exclusively to dentists – is set to double in size in the next year. It's a testament, he says, to the way the web can help a firm dominate a niche market

Nov 10, 2014

Everything you want to know about your car in the palm of your hand

Mojio is a little device that plugs discretely into a port under your car’s dashboard, that connects its computers to the Internet, enabling them to report everything from its battery levels to fuel economy to whether or not it’s being towed, all via apps on your smartphone or computer.

Nov 04, 2014

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Ivor Tossell has been writing columns about online culture for The Globe and Mail since 2005. A reformed web programmer, his writing on urban affairs, technology and culture has appeared in Canadian publications ranging from very glossy to downright inky. He lives in Toronto.

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