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(Fred Lum)
(Fred Lum)

Jacquie McNish

Senior Writer

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Why towns are powerless to stop another disaster like Lac-Mégantic

The Lac-Mégantic disaster has exposed long-simmering tensions between the railways and Canada’s municipalities. It’s an unequal relationship, as railways have federal powers that date back to the writing of the Constitution. As one mayor says, ‘When you’re dealing with the railways, they’ve got more power than the federal government’

Dec 04, 2013

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Jacquie McNish is a Senior Writer with the Globe and Mail and regular host on BNN, Canada's business news network. She is also an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School where she co-teaches a third year law seminar on shareholder rights and the media. She has worked in Canada and the United States for The Wall Street Journal and The Globe and Mail. She is the winner of six National Newspaper Awards and the author of two best selling books: The Big Score: Robert Friedland and the Voisey's Bay Hustle and Wrong Way: The Fall of Conrad Black, the 2004 National Business Book Award winner which she co-authored with Sinclair Stewart.

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