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(Brigitte Bouvier/Brigitte Bouvier)
(Brigitte Bouvier/Brigitte Bouvier)

John Ibbitson

Chief political writer

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Why is Canada the most tolerant country in the world? Luck

For two decades now, a land once occupied by descendants of European settlers has been importing just under 1 per cent of its population annually – 258,000 last year, more than five million in total – with most new arrivals coming from Asia and the Pacific

Jul 02, 2014

Justin Trudeau’s foreign policy is rooted in nostalgia

Everything that is attractive about the prospect of Justin Trudeau leading this country, and everything about that prospect that is worrying, can be found in the Liberal Leader’s nostalgic approach to Canada in the world

May 21, 2014

Why the next election could be fought on trade

If Barack Obama and Shinzo Abe can hammer out a deal on agriculture subsidies this week, then next year’s Canadian election could be the first in a generation in which trade is a key issue, with Stephen Harper favouring the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Thomas Mulcair and (possibly) Justin Trudeau opposing it

Apr 22, 2014

U.S. politics holding up Harper’s trade agenda

The Prime Minister may soon have to choose whether or not to champion a TPP agreement that could end protection for dairy and poultry farmers – a very risky move politically – even though the United States might never ratify the treaty

Apr 02, 2014

The world will remember Flaherty well

Whatever Canadians might think about the finance minister’s legacy, the world will remember him as the man who sat in Canada’s chair when Canada set an example for the world

Mar 21, 2014

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John Ibbitson started at The Globe in 1999 and has been Queen's Park columnist and Ottawa political affairs correspondent.

Most recently, he was a correspondent and columnist in Washington, where he wrote Open and Shut: Why America has Barack Obama and Canada has Stephen Harper. He returned to Ottawa as bureau chief in 2009. Before joining The Globe, he worked as a reporter, columnist and Queen's Park correspondent for Southam papers.

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