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Shelley White (1.01)
Shelley White (1.01)

Shelley White

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Is it wise to borrow for an RRSP?

In some cases, yes. But borrowers must be disciplined and use the tax refund to repay the loan within a year, advisers say

Nov 26, 2013

Your lawyer is a robot

Toronto firm uses sophisticated software to sort through mountains of electronic evidence

Nov 26, 2013

The paper time card checks out

As part of its technology revolution, payroll services company uses mobile phones and tablets to keep track of its clients’ staff

Nov 01, 2013

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Shelley White is a freelance writer, editor, television producer and full-time mom to preschool-aged twins. Before taking the plunge into the wild world of freelance work, she produced educational programming at TVO, explored digital culture at the late lamented Shift magazine and entertained young minds at MuchMusic.

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