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(Peter Power/Peter Power/ The Globe and Mail)
(Peter Power/Peter Power/ The Globe and Mail)

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Mexico's Carlos Fuentes, on the record Add to ...

We also must create jobs in Mexico for the migrant workers. They are fleeing dramatic situations. They cannot live in certain parts of Mexico. They contribute to the progress and wealth of the U.S. and of Canada.

Everything in the world is globalized except people. The workers are subject to ancient norms and prejudices. It comes down to renewing the international compact. What are we going to do with the workers?

Is Canada a natural ally for Mexico? We have this great beast next to us, the U.S ...

Yes, but we are not against the U.S., but in favour. The U.S. is the only imperial power with only two neighbours: Canada and Mexico. Both are much weaker than the U.S. We should get together and get the U.S. to join us and create a new compact for work, investment and politics. We are not doing that. Everyone works from a national standpoint and not from a commonwealth of the North American countries to solve common problems.

What reforms does Mexico need to make internally: the elements of army and human rights abuses and, economically, the oligopolies that still control the economy?

We are like the U.S. before Roosevelt came along and interrupted the monopolies and decided no company should be larger than this and there should be a plurality of powers. We have yet to come to that in Mexico: there are state and private monopolies. We have to have a political revolution to say, you don’t have a right to have all this, this is going to be distributed. And we need a new policy of communications. Mexico is still focused on the north and south, we don’t have roads to take us from the Pacific to the other coast.

Agriculturally, the lands are in the hands of a few people and must be re-distributed. We need reform of education.

What about the power of Mexican culture?

Mayan culture is there, the monuments are there, and convey great power and beauty. We are a Mestizo culture, a continuous culture. We have produced painting, literature, film. Mexicans have done wonderful things. We need to create a political system equivalent to a great culture.

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