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Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)
Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)

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Peter Cheney on car bloopers Add to ...

12:06Peter Cheney -  I did nearly the same thing - drove into a motel sallyport in the Gaspe Peninsula with three bicycles and a carbon-fiber hang glider on the roof of our Honda Civic. Ripped them all off, smashed out the windshield. Wife and kids were with me - Will was a baby then, safely buckled into the car seat. Glider was unscathed - flew it that afternoon.
12:09Peter Cheney -  Jpereira - I'm calling your dad. He should be okay by now. And thank you for the kind words about my son. We have a good relationship. It got quite a road test that day.
12:09Darren McGee -  Peter, it is my great shame to admit that I washed my father's brand new 1978 Olds Custom Cruiser station wagon (his pride and joy) with SOS pads when I was 16. Don't ask why. I was stupid. He was absolutely quiet when I showed him the completely scratched vehicle. It was as if I had just punched him in the gut. He just slumped back and looked as if he was going to cry. He never, ever said a word about it and, years later, if anyone were to mention the story, this look of anger would come over his face and I swear you could see wisps of smoke coming from his ears.
12:10[Comment From From Francis via e-mail]
I just read your online piece about your son, Will, crashing the Porsche into your garage. I'm sure it wasn't at all funny in the moment, but very funny story. (Also explains where you've disappeared to from the pages of the Globe edition I get here in Ottawa.) Glad to hear everyone was alright and that Porsche was so good about it. Hope it doesn't make any other high-end care manufacturers leery about lending you a car in the future. Also reminded me of the time I trashed my landlord's garage door when I lived on Kearney Lake Road during university. But that was with a crap Toyota, my first car, worth less than your insurance deductible, and it was unscathed.
12:10[Comment From From Kellylee via e-mail]
Poor kid. At least he's young. I couldn't rely on that excuse when I put the car in reverse instead of drive and backed into our garage. I was 30. I think my husband and the repair person probably silently used the "wife/female driver/new mother" excuse. Silently. ;)
12:10Peter Cheney -  Darren - tell your dad that flat finishes are now the rage. You put him ahead of the automotive style curve with the SOS-pad detailing job......
12:12[Comment From From d via e-mail]
One upon a time (1985 or 86) , I was one of the first Canadian Porsche "Advanced Driver School" students. Rick Bye was my co-pilot. I had a 1985 928S and Mosport was the demolition zone. Apparently according to Rick I was one of the better drivers and we watched in horrified amusement as people totaled their cars on the turns and even one rental Porsche was wiped out on the pit straight. Such a shame but damn were there a lot of bad drivers with tons of money and sexual identity issues. Now on the garage door theme .. last winter I got the groceries out of my trunk, hit the garage door button and then heard a crash. The door fell off the tracks and created the attached BMW sandwich.. BTW BMWs work so much better for single fathers with kids in car seats than Porsches.
12:12Peter Cheney -  Kellylee - yours was a classic mistake. It happened at the garage where I worked as a mechanic many years ago. A customer pinned one of our apprentices against the wall. It wasn't funny.

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12:14[Comment From Rose]
When I was in my late teens, I remember taking the keys to my mother's Suzuki Jeep, yes Suzuki Jeep for a ride. Not only was I a new driver, I had my younger brother on board. All was well until I tried to my a U-turn on a narrow street. When I reversed, little did I know that I was reversing into a ditch that was covered by tall grass. The next thing I knew, the jeep was resting on its rear wheels , like a sitting dog. In desperation to get out of the ditch, I revved and revved but each time, I sank deeper. Finally, my younger brother crawled out and walked home to tell my parents. Dad arrived in his car and I thought to myself: girl, you're so dead.
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