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The odour in a car can make or break a drive – just ask almost any non-smoker about sitting in a ride routinely used as an ashtray. New-car smells, as great as they are, eventually fade, which is why there are many ways to maintain a pleasant aroma inside. The EasyScent Car is designed to do this in a unique way.

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EasyScent Car

  • $49.99 (with one Energy! cartridge)
  • $14.99 for additional cartridges
  • Available at: Independent retailers can be found through lampeberger.ca

Coming from Parisian Lampe Berger’s world of fragrances and essential oils, the company figured it could take elegant cold fragrance diffusion and apply it universally to any vehicle. In fact, the company’s marketing even goes as far as to suggest the principles of Aromachology, meaning that the fragrances can have a relaxing and emotional effect during a drive. That certainly doesn’t mean it can cure a fit of road rage, but it definitely beats smoke and stale air over a long commute.

The EasyScent Car is a stick that plugs in to a 12-volt socket. The cartridge with the essential oils lies at the top above the blue rim, so when you plug the unit into the 12V socket, the rim glows to indicate it’s on. Push the button at the top once to get a stronger fragrance, or twice for a lighter diffusion. Hold it down and the unit turns off.

However, the device is already programmed to turn off on its own in 15-minute intervals. It releases the fragrance for 15 minutes, then turns off for five, and continues that cycle for 2 1/2 hours, after which it shuts down.

Altogether, a cartridge will last for 70 hours before needing to be replaced, and there are four different fragrances to choose from: Energy!, Anti-Travel Sickness, Holiday Mood and Anti-Tobacco, for diffusing the incessant smell of cigarette smoke. All of these aromas are pleasant, but your initial in-car experience with them might be akin to pacing back and forth through the fragrance portion at a department store.

That’s a testament to their potency, but for those with more sensitive senses, the EasyScent Car will require a grace period to get used to it. Thankfully, this shouldn’t take long because the intervals allow for the aroma to permeate the vehicle without nauseating the driver and front passenger. Anti-Tobacco probably most resembles a new-car smell, while Energy! and Holiday Mood are easily the most potent.

What’s nice about this is that you don’t have to use it all the time, and the aroma doesn’t disappear overnight. It may only stick around for a couple of days, but at least it sticks. And since it’s small, you can just keep it in the glove box for convenience.

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