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Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)
Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)

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Peter Cheney on car bloopers Add to ...

Originally Published on May 21, 2010

Globe Drive writer Peter Cheney recently wrote about an incident involving his son, a garage door and a $180,000 Porsche.

Take an expensive sports car, a curious teen and a garage door - and mix together to get one very embarrassed automotive writer

This story generated a huge public response, and many readers wrote to Mr. Cheney with their tales of woe. For example, one reader drove her husband's 1933 Chev coupe into a brand new minivan - which had been left in the driveway after a wedding for safe keeping. Both vehicles had to be towed away on flatbed trailers. That was the first - and last - time she drove the yellow coupe.

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Son's Porsche mishap says much about a generation that has grown up driving automatics, says Peter Cheney

Another reader was reminded of his days working for UPS when he was 18 years old. His job was to wash the delivery vans and park them in a warehouse. One memorable day, he backed into the garage door, taking down not only the door, but the cinderblock wall too. 10 feet on either side of the garage door was left completely in rubble. That was the end of that job.

Now it's time to bare your (automotive) soul. Peter Cheney was online when this story was first published in 2010 to talk about bloopers, accidents, or any other stupid thing you've done in (or to) a car. Please feel free to add your comments on this story.


10:26Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  Welcome to our discussion with Peter Cheney on bloopers, accidents, or any other stupid thing you’ve done in (or to) a car. Leave your questions and comments now, and join us at noon E.T. when we're live.
12:00Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  Welcome Peter, thanks for participating in this today. When you wrote the story about your son’s mishap with the Porsche, did you anticipate this type of response?
12:01Peter Cheney -  I thought it might be interesting to people, but who knew? I didn't really expect it to be the Night of the Living Dead of car stories, I've been getting calls and emails from around the world. It's definitely sparked a lot of reaction.
12:01[Comment From Holly]
I loved your article and I just wanted to say that although I am sure that was an awful day for you and your family, I think it helped your career immensely. I had never read your articles before even tho the Globe and Mail is my home page. I went back and read some of your other articles and found the one on buying your minivan hilarous and I look forward to reading more from you. Today I am picking up my brand new Chev Avalanche and I was hoping to read some reviews you had done on it but unfortunately I did not find one. I am selling my minivan as our youngest is now almost 18 and graduating from high school so I felt I could relate to where you and your family are in your lives. I wanted a sports car but my husband has convinced me the Avalanche would suit our needs better and pull our trailer much better than the Nissan 370Z that I preferred. I look forward to your next article.
12:03Peter Cheney -  Holly - thank you for the kind words. Career advancement was the last thing on my mind that day, But the story has definitely been a hit. A crazy time.
12:03[Comment From Guest]
I don't have any personal stories; but when working for an oil company in Calgar[...]y during the 80s, we were told a story the quite well known Vice President. He went out to buy skis, and returned with them attached to the back of his car, at that time they were fastened on somehow to the trunk of the car, and stuck up fairly high at an upward angle. He drove into the garage, and broke the skis off. He drove into the garage, broke the skis off[...], and then went back to the store for another pair. He came home, and drove in to the garage, breaking off the second pair. We never heard whether he went back for a 3rd pair.
12:06[Comment From Jpereira]
When I was 18 I got a dent in my dad's car. My parents were away and I was so terrified that I took out $700 and got it fixed. I'm now 36 and I've never told my parents. It was a crap second-hand Chrysler—I can't imagine what was going through your son's head but it's pretty impressive that he just didn't take off but came instead to talk to you...I would have made for the hills and come back in a week or so.
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