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Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)
Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)

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Peter Cheney on car bloopers Add to ...

12:15Peter Cheney -  d - what an awesome story about the garage door. I have a buddy whose entire garage collapsed on his car when snow built up on the roof. Fortunately it was a Lada. Cosmic justice.
12:16[Comment From From Walter via e-mail]
Interesting story and reminds me of a potential tragedy in our family. Friend of ours borrowed our SUV and returned it to our driveway. The vehicle had a standard transmission and he left it "in gear" as that was how he was taught. I was taught to never leave it in gear but to depress the clutch just in case. My wife started the SUV (she was used to us never leaving it in gear but in neutral) and it lurched forward hitting the car ahead of it. Fortunately no young children were there between the cars. Did you leave the Porsche in gear? If so, you might owe your son an apology or shoulder some of the blame on this one. I am a firm believer that all standards should not be left in gear when parked (no matter what the "experts" say)
12:17[Comment From Rose]
My father's reaction surprised me. He asked if I was okay, and then sent for a tow truck. After the jeep was pulled out, I found my way into my dad's car because I thought my driving days were over. 'Not so fast, young lady' my dad said. 'Hop back in the jeep and drive it home'. I am always grateful for my dad's reaction. Had he reacted differently, perhaps I would have abandoned driving for life. Mom's car was wrecked and I paid for the repairs from the wages from my summer job.
12:18Peter Cheney -  Rose - I cringed reading your story. You fell for the old tall grass trick. Me too. Back in the late 70's, I landed a hang glider in a field in the Fraser Valley, and decided to cut across a ditch with two inches of water and a green, reed-covered bottom. Turned out the reeds were about four or five feet long, Went in over my head, with a glider on top of me. Genius.
12:20Peter Cheney -  Rose - as to the second part of rour story - your dad sounds pretty smart. Got you right back on the horse. How you respond in crisis defines you as a parent, and as a person,
12:22Peter Cheney -  Walter - I disagree. Putting the car in gear and using the parking brake provides redundant stopping mechanisms. The chances of the brake failing, or slipping, is far greater than the chance of a freak accident like my son's,
12:23[Comment From From Mike via e-mail]
Thanks for the great article. I’ve always wondered about that with all the cars being test driven by automotive journalists, some of them must have been in accidents and what was the outcome. I’m sure the fact that your son had the key and did the damage and not you was not too cool. I’m sure you’re getting lots of anecdotes and here’s mine. Summer of 1986, 18 yrs old, working for UPS, one month on the job. It was my job to wash the delivery vans and park them into a warehouse. Some of the vans are quite big, more like a UHaul and they get backed in and parked side by side so tightly that you go out the back door to get in/out. I was backing up into the garage, creeping so slowly, looked in my left mirror, looked in my right mirror and BANG!!!. The back corner hit the side of the big garage door, took down the garage door and the whole side of the cinder block warehouse. I mean 10ft on either side of the garage was left completely in rubble. The garage door was just like yours except this one probably weighed 500 pounds. I had to call the manager, he had to call a security company, and I had to tell my parents that I had lost my summer job. Good luck to your son in university and I hope he enjoys your article because he will be hearing it at his wedding. After UPS I went to University of Guelph and I am still best friends with my residence roommates.
12:24[Comment From Rose]
Peter, it sure does. Always grateful he did that. I am sure your son will write about the way you reacted to the 'porsche event' someday.
12:26Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  From what I'm reading here today, it seems that garage door repair might be a good business to get into!
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