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Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)
Initial body shop estimate for the 2010 Porsche Turbo – $11,000 plus taxes. (Peter Cheney/The Globe and Mail)

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Peter Cheney on car bloopers Add to ...

12:42[Comment From From David via e-mail]
One month after picking up the Turbo PDK of which picture is enclosed, I smacked the front spoiler into a curb. But only $300 to repair at Pfaff Autowerks. The embarrassment was the worst part.
12:45Peter Cheney -  Darren _ i did some stupid stuff. Backed my dad's 1963 Comet out of the garage with a door open, and nearly ripped it off. Also rode a bicycle off a steep slope, hoping for a ski-jump style ride, only to have the handlebars pull off in my hands (it wasn't my bike.) The day ended with me in the hospital having a brake handle separated from my groin. Definitely a Darwin Award candidate.
12:46Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  I often wonder how much damage is done to vehicles that are driven over the high streetcar curbs in Toronto. I've witnessed many bloopers in the downtown area - including a Hummer stuck on one near the Globe office - unable to move forward or back.
12:46[Comment From DJ]
Incidents like mine and the above sure make you realize that your life is much more important than a vehicle...whether it is a second-hand one or a Porsche. Funny how we place such importance on something that depreciates as soon as we drive it off the car lot!
12:50Peter Cheney -  DJ - you hit the nail on the head. Even the most valuable car is ephemeral. I keep thinking about Plato, and how each thing merely represents an ideal. The Turbo is only metal and plastic, but it is the embodiment of something more important - the passion of engineers, the skill of mechanics, and the joy of drivers fortunate enough to drive one, even if it's only for a while.
12:52Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  Your poor son - that's a lot of publicity at such a young age. How's he doing with his notoriety?
12:56Peter Cheney -  He's good. We drove to Kingston together yesterday to look at Queen's University, and we had a great conversation. He's getting a lot of texts and phone calls, but he has a solid sense of self and a good sense of humor. He knows that I will be putting this in his wedding speech. He had to go to Montreal with his hockey team the weekend after this happened. I sent him a text - "I will always love you, no matter how many Porsches you destroy."


12:56Darren McGee -  Hey, in this day and age where it's strangely "cool" to put an iPad in a blender, this may make him more popular with his friends. "Dude, you smoked that car! Totally awesome!" Or not.
12:56Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  Peter, since you're a fellow Haligonian, do you remember the incident involving the car that was driven into the side of a Walmart store, about 12-13 years ago? Luckily nobody was hurt, but the car was stuck in the wall, suspended high in the air. It did a lot of damage to a display of diapers inside the store, I believe. Luckily the car didn't hit any support beams, so it was lodged in the cinderblock wall.
12:57Peter Cheney -  Good thing the Porsche is too big for the blender.
12:58Danielle Boudreau, Globe and Mail -  That's all the time we have for today. Peter and readers, thanks for sharing your stories. Safe driving!
12:58Peter Cheney -  Danielle - I vaguely recall that. Do you think Henry Ford expected any of this?
1:01[Comment From DJ]
Aaah, yes..the really real. Make sense...and if Plato's theory is correct, art (such as a beautiful Porsche) is powerful and dangerous because it stirs up our emotions so that our characters and behaviours change. One then can see how we become so attached and act irrationally when we faun over our cars as if they were human!
1:01[Comment From GS]
My first car - 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne. Country boy - lived on a gravel road. had a spinner on the sterring wheel, made it much easier to do whatt we called 'squirrelly dirllies' - swerving back and forth with full gas and chewing up the gravel roads. Spinner made it easy (one handed). Well, in the middle of one of these SDs, the knob came off the spinner and I piled that Chevy into a tree.
1:02Peter Cheney -  DJ, GS, et al - thanks for writing in. What a week it's been. Over and out for now!
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