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Tested: A (cheap) tire pressure gauge that really works Add to ...

Slime Tire Pressure Gauge

Available at: Walmart, Canadian Tire

Price: $5.97-$6.99

I’ve had one of those pen-style pressure gauges all my life but suddenly the eye-balling of the pop-up black line of PSI isn’t good enough. My car is so sensitive it needs exactly 44 PSI or I get a constant “tire needs maintenance” reminder. I hate it when my car is smarter than me.

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Driving with the wrong tire pressure ruins your tires and decreases fuel efficiency, so a quick check with a gauge can easily keep problems at bay.

I bought a fancy tire gauge to see if it was me, the pen-style gauge, or the sensor in the tires. It was immediately obvious that the pen-style gauge was less than precise. I tested each tire first with the pen and then the new Slime dial gauge I bought at Wal-Mart for $5.97.

Every time I put the pen-style gauge on, the white plastic stem popped to a different PSI.

The dial gauge stayed accurate. After every test, I’d push the pressure relief valve to clear the reading. Apparently, three tires needed air.

And now my dashboard is back to telling me I’m low on fuel. But I knew that.

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