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The vacuum that finally rid my car of dog hair Add to ...


Available: Where vacuums are sold

Price: $299

My central vacuum hose won’t reach the car, I’ve wasted countless loonies in the gutless coin-op vacuum cleaners at the car wash, and I’ve tossed out too many handheld vacuums that struggled to pick up spilled Cheerios. So I finally broke out the wallet and went top-shelf.

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Not cheap. I know! At $300, it’s a huge investment, but if you could see the inside of my car now you’d be impressed. The three tools work perfectly to vacuum the carpet of all the gravel, brush the seats of all the crumbs and, best of all, that wonderful long crevice tool reaches between the seats to pull up the fries, grass, dust and dog hair that is unreachable with other vacuums. And, at only 1.57 kg, it’s easy to hold and manoeuvre.

If you go crazy with the power booster like I did on the first go, the battery dies quickly. Using it properly gives 20 minutes with a powerful suction device that should last a full cleaning of your car.

Price aside, it is a practical tool for the truck, car, motorhome, boat and house.

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