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Globe Rating

8.0 /10

“This one screams cool and the design is delightful from top to bottom, though the 500 is a wee car and that means compromises. You will like this car if: you want sweet city car that screams out your desire to be a little different, a little fun – and you’re willing to pay for it.”

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$15,995 - $24,495
Fuel Economy:
5.7 - 6.5 L/100km

Globe Review

2013 Fiat 500 Hatchback - Review

Fiat 500: Cute, tiny economy car looks expensive

Globe Rating

8.0 /10

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Available Trims

Below is a list of all trims available for this model. To see more details click on the trim name.

Trim MSRP Engine HP Fuel Type Fuel Economy
Pop $15,995 1.4L In-Line 4 101 Premium Unleaded 5.7
Sport $18,995 1.4L In-Line 4 101 Premium Unleaded 5.7
Lounge $19,995 1.4L In-Line 4 101 Premium Unleaded 5.7
Sport Turbo $20,995 1.4L In-Line 4 135 Premium Unleaded 6.5
Abarth $24,495 1.4L In-Line 4 160 Premium Unleaded 6.5