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Fund Price: $9.74 (as at December 6, 2013)  1-day chg: $.591082 6.11%  YTD: 37.19%

Returns as at August 31, 2015

  Fund Group Avg Index*
1 Month - -5.25% -5.32%
3 Months - -3.53% -1.39%
6 Months - -2.70% -0.46%
1 Year - 8.36% 17.39%
2 Year Avg - 13.84% 21.26%
3 Year Avg - 16.09% 23.01%
4 Year Avg - 12.90% 19.52%
5 Year Avg - 11.29% 16.65%
10 Year Avg - 4.49% 7.11%
15 Year Avg - 1.64% 2.90%
20 Year Avg - 4.65% 6.74%
Since Inception - - -
2014 - 8.44% 15.08%
2013 - 28.21% 36.16%
2012 - 11.86% 14.00%
3 year risk - 8.84 8.66
3 year beta - 0.83 1.00

*MSCI World ($ Cdn)

Growth of $10,000

This graph shows how a $10,000 investment in this fund would have changed in value compared with the MSCI World ($ Cdn).

Risk Measures as at August 31, 2015

Best/Worst 12 months (since inception)
Best (ending ): 0 bar graph of the performance of this holding (negative result) bar graph of the performance of this holding (positive result)
Worst (ending ): 0 bar graph of the performance of this holding (negative result) bar graph of the performance of this holding (positive result)
Volatility meter (Based on 3 year standard deviation from

Fund Objectives

The fundamental investment objective is to seek to achieve long-term capital growth by providing exposure to equity securities of issuers anywhere in the world.

Fund Facts

Fund Sponsor: TD Asset Management Inc.
Managed by: TD Asset Management Inc.
Fund Type: MF Trust
Inception Date: January 2007
Asset Class: Global Equity
Quartile Rank: - (3YR ending August 31, 2015)
Total Assets: N/A
Mgmt Exp. Ratio (MER): 2.73%
Management Fee: 2.50%
Load Type: Optional
Globe 5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible:
Min. Invest (initial):
Min. Invest (initial RRSP):
Subsequent RRSP:

Asset Allocation March 31, 2015

Equity Sector Weightings March 31, 2015

Fund Geography March 31, 2015

Top Holdings as at March 31, 2015

Portfolio Manager(s)

TD Asset Mgmt. - Mgmt Team

TD Asset Management Inc.

Start Date: January, 2007

Fund Return: -

TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Toronto Dominion Bank, currently manages over $25 billion for Canadian investors and corporations.

Also manages:Batirente Canadian Equity-MULTI, Batirente Diversified Income, Batirente Diversified Patrimonial, Counsel Balanced Portfolio Series A, Counsel Conservative Portfolio-A, Counsel Growth Portfolio-A, Counsel Income Managed Portfolio-A, Counsel Managed Portfolio A, Counsel Managed Yield Port Ser A, Counsel Mgd High Yld Port Series A, Counsel Short Term Bond Series A, Counsel World Managed Portfolio-A, FaithLife Balanced (TDQC), FaithLife Canadian Bond (Indexed), FaithLife Canadian Equity (Indexed), FaithLife Int Equity (Indexed), FaithLife Money Market 2, FaithLife US Equity (Indexed), GRS Advanced Index Asset Allocation, GRS Aggressive Index AA, GRS Balanced Index Asset Allocation, GRS Conservative Index AA, GRS Index Conservative, GRS Index Conservative Continuum, GRS Index Diversified, GRS Index Diversified Continuum, GRS Moderate Index Asset Allocation, JOV Prosperity Canadian Fixed Inc A, TD Emerald Balanced -O, TD Emerald Canadian Bond Index - O, TD Emerald Canadian Equity Index -O, TD Emerald Global Equity Sh. Yld Pl, TD Emerald International Eq Idx -O, TD Emerald Low Vol All World Equity, TD Emerald Low Vol Canadian Equity, TD Emerald U.S. Market Index -O, TD FundSmart Mgd Aggressive Grt-I, TD FundSmart Mgd Balanced Grt-I, TD FundSmart Mgd Inc & Mod Grt-I, TD FundSmart Mgd Income- I, TD FundSmart Mgd Max Equity Grt- I, TD Income Opportunities Pool-O, TD Income Trust Pool, TD Mgd Aggress Growth Port-I, TD Mgd Bal Growth Portfolio-I, TD Mgd Idx Inc & Mod Growth Port-I, TD Mgd Inc&Mod Growth Portfolio-I, TD Mgd Income Portfolio-I, TD Mgd Index Aggress Growth Port-I, TD Mgd Index Bal Growth Port-I, TD Mgd Index Income Port-I, TD Mgd Index Max Equity Gro Port-I, TD Mgd Max Equity Portfolio-I, TD Opportunities Pool, TD U.S. Eqty Currency Neutral Pt-A, TD U.S. Equity Portfolio-A, TLC TD Dividend Bal 5FL GIP

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