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Fund Price: $9.84 (as at July 3, 2015)  1-day chg: $0 0.00%  YTD: 0.08%

Returns as at May 31, 2015

  Fund Group Avg Index*
1 Month -0.02% 0.15% 0.15%
3 Months -0.02% -0.19% -0.18%
6 Months 0.08% 0.94% 0.97%
1 Year 0.29% 1.59% 1.50%
2 Year Avg 0.20% 1.45% 1.42%
3 Year Avg 0.21% 1.54% 1.35%
4 Year Avg 0.22% 1.65% 1.65%
5 Year Avg - 1.95% 1.90%
10 Year Avg - 2.39% 2.31%
15 Year Avg - 2.95% 2.90%
20 Year Avg - 3.62% 3.42%
Since Inception 0.23% - -
2014 0.22% 1.73% 1.74%
2013 0.23% 0.57% 0.48%
2012 0.24% 1.64% 1.39%
3 year risk 0.13 1.55 1.05
3 year beta 0.01 1.12 1.00

*Globe Cdn Short Tm Fixed Inc Peer Index

Growth of $10,000

This graph shows how a $10,000 investment in this fund would have changed in value compared with the Globe Cdn Short Tm Fixed Inc Peer Index.

Risk Measures as at May 31, 2015

Best/Worst 12 months (since inception)
Best (ending Apr 15): 0.32 bar graph of the performance of this holding (negative result) bar graph of the performance of this holding (positive result)
Worst (ending May 14): 0.12 bar graph of the performance of this holding (negative result) bar graph of the performance of this holding (positive result)
Volatility meter (Based on 3 year standard deviation from

Fund Objectives

The fundamental investment objective is to seek to preserve capital and maintain liquidity by primarily providing exposure to high- quality debt securities such as money market and short-term fixed income securities issued by Canadian federal and provincial governments and corporations

Fund Facts

Fund Sponsor: TD Asset Management Inc.
Managed by: TD Asset Management Inc.
Fund Type: MF Corp
Inception Date: September 2010
Asset Class: Canadian Short Term Fixed Income
Quartile Rank: 4 (3YR ending May 31, 2015)
Total Assets: $4.7 million
Mgmt Exp. Ratio (MER): 1.02%
Management Fee: 1.00%
Load Type: No Load
Globe 5-Star Rating:
RRSP Eligible:
Min. Invest (initial):
Min. Invest (initial RRSP):
Subsequent RRSP:

Asset Allocation March 31, 2015

Bond Type March 31, 2015

Bond Term March 31, 2015

Top Holdings as at March 31, 2015

Symbol Company Name Sector Geographic
% of
Total Assets
  Performance as at May 31, 2015
1 Year Performance (%)
  TD Emerald Canadian Short Term -O Fund 99.58   - bar graph of the performance of this holding (negative result) bar graph of the performance of this holding (positive result)
  OTHER ASSETS Other 0.44   - bar graph of the performance of this holding (negative result) bar graph of the performance of this holding (positive result)

Distribution Report (18 months up to July 3, 2015)

Frequency of Income Distributions: Quarterly

Frequency of Capital Gain Distributions: Annually

Date Income Dividend Capital Gain Total (Current Period) Trailing 12-Months Total Reinvestment Price
May 29, 2015 0.0481 0.0481 0.0481 9.840
May 30, 2014 0.0618 0.0618 0.0618 9.860

Portfolio Manager(s)

Vishal Bhatia

TD Asset Management Inc.

Start Date: September, 2010

Fund Return: 0.24%

Vishal Bhatia joined TD Asset Management Inc. in December 1996. As a member of the Quantitative Investment Management team, his responsibilities encompass research, portfolio management, and daily trading activity for US, Canadian and Global equity funds. Vishal is also extensively involved in the implementation and coordination of multi-asset class transitions. Vishal graduated from the University of Toronto in 1995 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Cell & Molecular Biology and is a CFA charterholder.

Also manages:Epoch Gl Equity Class Advs Srs, Epoch US LC Value Class Advs Srs, TD Asian Growth Class -A, TD Balanced Index Investor Series, TD Canadian Blue Chip Equity -I, TD Canadian Equity Class - A, TD Canadian Index - I, TD Canadian Low Volatility Cl - I, TD Canadian Value Class - A, TD Cdn Blue Chip Equity Cl - A, TD Cdn Small-Cap Equity Cl - A, TD Dividend Growth Class - A, TD Dividend Income Class - I, TD Dow Jones Average Index-I, TD Emerald Canadian Short Term -O, TD Emerging Markets Class - A, TD European Index Investor Series, TD Fixed Inc Cap Yield Pool CL-I, TD Global High Yield Capital Cl-I, TD Global Low Volatility Class - I, TD Global Multi-Cap Class-A, TD Global Sustainability Cl-A, TD International Growth Class-A, TD International Index -I, TD Japanese Index Investor Series, TD NASDAQ Index - I, TD Tactical Monthly Income Class-I, TD U.S. Index (US$)- I, TD U.S. Mid-Cap Growth Cl - A

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