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Q&A: Sprott's Eric Nuttall on top picks in the energy sector

The Globe and Mail

Sprott fund manager Eric Nuttall

For this week's live discussion at Inside the Market, we were joined once again by Eric Nuttall, portfolio manager with Sprott Asset Management, who covers the oil and gas industry.

The Sprott Energy Fund invests primarily in companies that are involved directly or indirectly in the exploration, development, production and distribution of oil, gas, coal, or uranium and other related activities in the energy and resource sector.

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Energy lately has been a tough sector to make money in. The Sprott Energy Fund reflects these challenges, and is down 5.2 per cent in the 12 months ended at the end of May, and down 16 per cent over the past five years. It gained 2 per cent in the month of May.

For those bullish on the long-term outlook for the energy sector, the poor performance may mean there are bargains to be had. We asked Mr. Nuttall to identify these as he took your questions.

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