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Rich woman with money bags in front of mansion. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com)
Rich woman with money bags in front of mansion. (Jupiterimages/Photos.com)

Inside the Market

The week's best web reads: How the super rich are investing Add to ...

Inside the Market's weekend roundup of some of this week's best investing reads on the Internet, which are highlighted every morning in our premarket report.


A look at the asset allocation of the super rich.

How to argue against passive investors.

Be skeptical of tactical allocation funds and whether they add value to your portfolio.

Some recent research claims dividends are making up 90 per cent of total stock returns. Be skeptical.

10 market insights from the new Mark Douglas book Trading in the Zone.

Why your bond ETF is probably not losing as much money as you think.


Billionaire George Soros appears to be making a huge bet that the S&P 500 is heading lower.

Warren Buffett isn't doing so hot this quarter.

Pimco says now is the time to buy emerging market debt after its selloff.

Money manager giant BlackRock gives three reasons for an equity dividend focus.

Market trends and signals

A look at how global stock markets have performed so far this quarter. No surprise, Canada is way down the list. But who would have expected Argentina to rank No. 1?

Bond investors trying to divine when the Federal Reserve will reduce its unprecedented monetary stimulus are increasingly looking to the riskiest parts of the debt market, which are booming like before the financial crisis.

A valuation model with an impressive record says that stocks are as overvalued today as they were at the 2007 stock market peak. More reason for concern: 14 of 15 of the most popular valuation metrics suggest the S&P 500 is fair to undervalued.

There are almost no true stock bears among U.S. strategests any more, and that is worrisome.

The list of NYSE new 52-week highs is getting shorter and shorter with each new market high. Is it consolidation or exhaustion?

Portfolio managers’ confidence toward Europe has hit a nine-year high.


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