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A trader checks monitors at a bank, in Milan, Italy, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. (Antonio Calanni/AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)
A trader checks monitors at a bank, in Milan, Italy, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. (Antonio Calanni/AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)


How to make your portfolio work in volatile markets Add to ...

The yields are attractive but may become even more so if the market slide resumes. If you want to buy, layer in - buy some now and if the price drops, average down

11:13 [Comment From Ram]

What types of mutual funds would be ideal to invest during this volatile economy

11:13 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Bond funds - short-term and universe. But if governments respond by turning on the printing presses and ramping up inflation, switch to gold

11:14 [Comment From Steve]

I'm 33 with $40,000 in cash which I have to either pay off my student loans or put into the market. Do you think this market downturn represents a good buying opportunity or do you think paying off student loans is wiser?

11:14 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Pay off the loan. If we are heading into another recession, the less debt you are carrying the better

11:14 [Comment From Flavio]

If one has the ability to borrow, can buying land be a good thing for the time being?

11:15 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Real estate has held up well in Canada and interest rates should stay low. That said, if there is a recession prices will fall. There may be better values down the road

11:15 [Comment From Jane S]

Would you consider buying a home in Toronto this fall (assuming you have to buy or rent and have a family)?

11:16 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

If you don't have a home sure - but make sure you get a sweet deal. If you have a house already, sell it first

11:16 [Comment From Kyle]

What is your opinion on Thomson Reuters? I have some money in the stock, wondering whether to invest more, sit back, or take it out

11:17 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

It's a great company that has been battered recently. We are currently reviewing it for my Internet Wealth Builder newsletter and will have an update soon. I'd hold off for the time being.

11:17 [Comment From Guest]

How low do you think the CAD is likely to go over the next few months compared to other non-US currencies (GBP in particular)?

11:18 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Very hard to predict currency fluctuations. Here's the US dollar gaining strength despite the downgrade while the AAA loonie falls. Go figure

11:18 [Comment From Tony]

I have approx $240,000 in my company pension , which we have the option to move around to certain markets (company puts in 6% and I contribute 4% of my salary yearly). Since 2006-7 I have had 100% in the Canadian Equity fund (UBS Can Equity). I have 10 yrs (earliest to retire) or 15 yrs (longest). I am thinking now to move approx 25% to US equity, 25% Emerging markets, 25% in a Balanced Equity, and keep the remaining 25% in a Canadian Equity fund. I welcome your comments. thx...Tony

11:20 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Whoa - where's the fixed-income segment to cushion your retirement savings against events such as we are seeing now? Suggest you give this a rethink.

11:20 [Comment From Jen]

Mr. Pape, I have cash ($6k) sitting in RESP for my 5 yr old. What would be best fund/ETF/individual equities to deploy them. I am think of moving small amounts on monthly basis for next year, so ETF/Stocks might be expensive. Any recommendation which funds/sector? Thanks

11:21 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Well, there are 13-14 years before the money will be needed for school. So I suggest you wait for this turmoil to run its course and then pick a good-quality balanced fund such as Fidelity Canadian Balanced

11:21 [Comment From James]

Are mutual funds worth the investment? Would ETF's make more sense now?

11:22 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

Depends on the fund and the ETF. Personally, I would avoid anything market-linked right now. I would choose a fund where the manager has the option to move to cash in rough markets

11:22 [Comment From Sylvie]

Is it a good thing to sell all and buy short term bond mutual funds...

11:23 [Comment From Gordon Pape]

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