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Blog Archive for March, 2008

Revisiting the 'king of the value factors'


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Stock picking at any time can be challenging. In these extraordinarily volatile markets, it is even more so. So this week, we are revisiting the time-tested stock selection system developed by stock market guru James ...

Any life in comatose global equity sector?


WHAT WE'RE UP TOReturns from global equity funds over the past decade are appalling. That you know if you've listened to all manner of advice and diversified your holdings outside Canada. What you may not realize is that global funds have been ...

Reaping the rewards from hot agriculture stocks


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Hot agriculture stocks. The sector is poised to benefit from trends like the rising demand for meat by emerging middle classes in countries such as China and India, and the biofuel revolution whereby crops like corn are used ...

Infrastructure stocks look solid in the long run


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?One of the great trends to play over the past year or more has been infrastructure. Today we'll look at Canadian infrastructure stocks.MORE ABOUT THE TRENDOne bull on infrastructure stocks is CIBC World Markets economist ...

Finding growth in progressive energy stocks


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Yesterday we looked at solar and clean energy stocks, so today let's consider another sector likely to benefit from oil trading at about $100 (U.S.) a barrel: the progressive energy sector. Today we'll look at companies in ...

Martin Roberge responds to readers


A number of readers wrote to me with questions about a couple of Number Cruncher columns with Martin Roberge, Dundee's strategist (High-performing international-focused stocksandCanadian stocks with too much domestic exposure). Readers were asking ...

Some hot stocks from the solar sector


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Hot solar stocks. As thecover feature story in Saturday's Report on Businessshowed, there is a ton of money being poured into the solar sector in places like Germany, and as luck would have it, the solar sector has corrected ...

Avoiding financials best move for these funds


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Financial stocks used to be a reliable way to add some horsepower to a fund portfolio, but today the word to describe them is horse … well, never mind. Some fund managers have been smart enough to minimize their exposure to ...

Stocks that look cheap and could get cheaper


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?We've been looking at value stocks using research by Myles Zyblock, chief institutional strategist at RBC Dominion Securities Inc. Today, we'll look at his latest research on Canada and focus on stocks that look cheap, but ...

Cheap stocks with good earnings signals


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Last week, we looked at research by Myles Zyblock, chief institutional strategist at RBC Dominion Securities Inc., that showed ways of staying away from value traps in the United States. Today, we'll look at his latest ...

Canadian stocks with too much domestic exposure


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Yesterday, we looked at Martin Roberge's research dividing the S&P/TSX 60 index into companies with exposure to the international market versus the domestic economy. We focused yesterday on companies with international ...

High-performing international-focused stocks


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Canadian stocks that have more exposure to international customers than domestic ones. Why is this important? Well, confidence in the domestic economy is low at best, even if you think Canada can avoid being pulled down by ...

Expect to wait for fallen financials' upturn


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Funds with the biggest wad of financial services stocks. The sector has been whacked as banks, insurers and brokers take writedowns related to the U.S. subprime mortgage mess. And stocks of mutual fund company and investment ...

Cheap stocks that will likely keep going down


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Let's uncover the most likely value traps on the S&P 500. Yesterday, we got some help from Myles Zyblock, chief institutional strategist at RBC Dominion Securities Inc., on finding value stocks that have the best chance ...

How to avoid falling into value traps


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?A way to stay away from value traps, which experienced value investors know are cheap stocks that keep getting cheaper. We'll turn to Myles Zyblock, chief institutional strategist at RBC Dominion Securities Inc., for guidance ...

Banks are in for a long period of volatility


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?The best way to value banks nowadays. Canadian investors had it so good for so long with Canadian banks that it's hard to believe they could be in for a long downturn with the subprime mess and deteriorating economic picture. ...

Great profit growth expected from these stocks


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?Growth and lots of it. Today we'll look for Canadian stocks that have the strongest outlook for earnings and revenue growth, based on consensus expectations from analysts. Let's hope there are still some growth companies ...

Are these big energy bets paying off?


WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR?The S&P/TSX index reached a noteworthy point in its evolution late last month as energy stocks took over from financials as the largest sector. Lots of mainstream Canadian equity funds are underweight energy so that's ...

Stocks trading above analysts' targets


Today let's look for stocks that are trading well above analysts' targets. Either the analysts are dead-wrong about these stocks, and will have to catch up with their price targets, or they may know something the rest of the market doesn't - and ...

Stocks trading well below analysts' targets


Analysts are busy chopping back their price targets on stocks these days. Target price increases are rare outside of hot sectors like gold or agriculture. It's even more unusual to see an analyst hold the line when the stock is far below the target ...

A revised value/momentum strategy for March


REVIEW OF LAST MONTH'S RECOMMENDATIONSWell, all streaks must come to an end. Yin Luo, executive director of quantitative strategy at CIBC World Markets, suggests a strategy for Number Cruncher each month. Last month, his strategy lagged the ...

Gibson still sees strong ROE for the Focus 10


THE LATEST UPDATELet's check in with Peter Gibson, the strategist at Desjardins Securities Inc., and his Focus 10 portfolio, which is a basket of 10 Canadian growth and defensive stocks. He has been cautious since last fall, with as much as 40 per ...

Number Cruncher Contributors

Ted Dixon, CFA

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Ted Dixon is co-founder of INK Research. INK stands for Insider News and Knowledge and through is Canada's first on-line financial news and research service providing investor insight into what public company executives and significant shareholders are doing with their ownership interests.

Follow Ted on Twitter @TedDixon

Charles Martin, CFA

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Charles Martin, CFA, works in the Financial and Risk unit of Thomson Reuters and specializes in asset management.

Craig McGee, CFA

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Craig McGee, CFA, is a portfolio manager with The Ullman Group at Richardson GMP in Toronto.