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John Heinzl's model dividend portfolio Add to ...

Strategy Lab experts started with a hypothetical $50,000 portfolio on Sept. 13, 2012. We’ll monitor their portfolios on a regular basis.

Strategy Lab experts started with a hypothetical $50,000 portfolio on Sept. 13, 2012. They can each hold five to 12 Canadian or U.S. securities and trade as often or as little as they wish. We’ll monitor their portfolios on a regular basis so you can see how they’re performing.


This is dividend investor John Heinzl's model portfolio. Read more about how he chose his investments in his first Strategy Lab column.

CompanyTickerNo. of
BCE *BCE-T100$58.36 $43.36 $5,836.00 $4,336.00 34.59%4.23%The telecom, media and sports conglomerate raises its dividend more often than its Leafs win.
Bank of Montreal *BMO-T80$72.93 $61.06 $5,834.40 $4,884.70 19.44%4.39%After a five-year hiatus, BMO recently joined other banks in resuming dividend hikes.
Canadian Utilities *CU-T140$42.13 $33.92 $5,898.20 $4,749.40 24.19%2.80%CU's utilities deliver electricity, natural gas and water - things we can't live without.
Enbridge *ENB-T120$61.55 $40.00 $7,386.00 $4,800.30 53.87%3.02%The pipeline giant has raised its dividend at an annual clip of more than 12 per cent for the past five years.
Fortis *FTS-T130$41.91 $32.74 $5,448.30 $4,256.20 28.01%3.25%An ambitious capital spending plan is expected to drive earnings - and dividends - higher in coming years.
Coca-Cola *KO-N110US$41.17US$38.33$5,756.43 $4,131.82 39.32%2.96%If it's good enough to be Warren Buffett's biggest holding, it's good enough for me.
Johnson & Johnson *JNJ-N40US$100.14US$101.48$5,091.52 $5,082.12 0.18%2.80%J&J is a diversified health care giant with 50-plus years of consecutive dividend hikes. As the population ages, the future looks very bright.
McDonald's (sold 12/11/14)MCD-N50US$90.97US$91.57$5,243.06 $4,465.87 17.40%3.74%Mickey D's has raised its dividend every year since its first payment in 1976. Investors are lovin' it.
Procter & Gamble *PG-N60US$84.29US$68.91$6,428.46 $4,032.89 59.40%3.05%You wash you clothes in Tide and brush your teeth with Crest. Why not get your dividends from P&G, too?
Royal Bank *RY-T90$71.74 $57.71 $6,456.60 $5,194.00 24.31%4.18%Canada's biggest bank posted a record quarterly profit of $2.2-billion in the second quarter and hiked its dividend.
Telus *T-T135$43.59 $31.60 $5,884.65 $4,265.55 37.96%3.67%People today are addicted to their smartphones. Might as well make some money off them
TransCanada *TRP-T100$56.54 $45.22 $5,654.00 $4,522.00 25.03%3.40%The pipeline operator and power producer offers a nice combination of growth and safety.
S&P/TSX REIT ETF *XRE-T292$17.49 $16.72 $5,107.08 $4,881.46 4.62%4.29%A diversified collection of real estate investment trusts to satisfy the Donald Trump in everyone.
John Heinzl's total$71,283.59 $50,000.00 42.57%
Andrew Hallam’s total$66,413.47 $50,000.00 32.83%
Norman Rothery’s total$80,168.15 $50,000.00 60.34%
Chris Umiastowski’s total$151,303.63 $50,000.00 202.61%

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