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Preparing for job loss

Where do I go for help to replace lost income? Add to ...

If you ever need to replace your income, you may be able to get some money from workplace or government plans. These plans can help you if you:

  • Lose your job. In this age of layoffs and downsizing, many people find themselves out of work. Make sure you know where to get help if it happens to you. Learn more now.
  • Get sick or hurt and can't work. Did you know: You are three times more likely to become disabled than to die young! In fact, one in three people lose months of work time because of health problems before age 65. Find out where to get help. Learn more now.
  • Take time off work to care for a baby. Government plans provide a lot of help to new parents. If you plan ahead, your baby could have a parent at home for about 18 months! Learn more now.

Remember: Money from the government and your workplace give you a base to build on

If you are like most people, you will need this base, plus money from other sources as well. Make sure you have enough options so you can get through times when you need to replace your job income.


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