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Property insurance

Deciding what to insure Add to ...

Use insurance to protect yourself and other people, your property, your car and your business from the unexpected.

1. Your property

Property insurance covers:

2. Your car

Car insurance covers:

  • damages if you are ever in an accident, or need to replace the vehicle if it is stolen,

  • claims if someone gets hurt or killed while driving your car, and

  • claims if you or someone else gets hurt or killed while you are driving.

3. Your business

If you run a business from home, your home insurance may not cover your equipment and supplies. You may need to buy extra coverage. Business insurance covers:

  • damages or losses if something happens to contents like equipment and furniture,

  • claims if someone gets hurt or killed while on the property, and

  • damages if something happens to the building (if you own it). This includes any loss of business income while you make repairs.

4. Undeveloped land

This insurance covers claims if someone gets hurt while on the property.

Other things to insure

Your basic home insurance may not protect everything in your home. Or, it may not cover the full value of your things. Examples:

  • personal items you take with you when you travel

  • books, software, and tools

  • money and coins

  • bikes, boats, riding mowers, snowblowers, tractors and farm equipment

  • pets

  • jewelry and furs

  • artwork

  • collector’s items like baseball cards, comics, manuscripts and stamps

  • goldware, silverware and pewter

  • guns and ammunition.

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