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Defined benefit pension plans

Understanding multi-employer defined benefit pension plans Add to ...

Some defined benefit (DB) plans are sponsored by many employers, not just one. These are called multi-employer plans and they allow employees who frequently switch employers within the same industry to continuously maintain their pension coverage.

For example, individuals working in a construction trade – who frequently move from project to project and employer to employer – might be covered by a single multi-employer pension plan that covers all trades. A portion of their hourly wage is automatically contributed to the plan.

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Plans can vary

Some multi-employer plans have relatively straightforward plan formulas and operate much like single-employer DB plans. Others are complex, with elements of both DB and defined contribution plans – these are often called target benefit plans. 

Target benefit plans

These plans guarantee a pension, but provide a “target” amount for the benefit. The actual benefit received could be higher or lower than the target, depending on the investment performance of the pension plan.

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