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Sorry, an error occured retrieveing data for this security. Please refresh the page and try again.

Sorry, an error occured retrieveing data for this security. Please refresh the page and try again.


Financials & Calendars

Income Statement

  • Sales $1,085,430,000
  • Earnings $39,700,000
  • Return on Equity 3.05%

Cash Flow

  • Cash Flow --
  • Cash $541,280,000
  • Current Ratio 4.84

12 months ended Mar 31, 2014.

Trailing 12 month results shown above.
All data is in U.S. dollars.

Balance Sheet

  • Assets $1,545,640,000
  • Liabilities $229,140,000
  • Liabilities-to-Equity Ratio 0.17

Price Ratios

  • Price to Sales 2.57
  • Price to Book 2.12
  • Price to Cash Flow n/a

Event Calendar

Event Last   Next  
Earnings Aug 20 $0.28 Oct 29 $0.33
Surprises Aug 20 7.14% n/a n/a
Dividends n/a n/a n/a n/a
Splits n/a -- n/a n/a

12 months ended Aug 21, 2014.

A look at major corporate events and financial announcements that are coming up.

Company Information

About the Company

International Rectifier Corporation is a technology pioneer and a leading designer and manufacturer of power semiconductors that refine electricity from wall outlets or batteries into a more usable form. This process, which the company calls power conversion, is conceptually similar to refining oil to produce efficient, usable fuel. Power conversion reduces costs and enhances the performance and efficiency of electrically powered products. Power conversion can be viewed in four stages: input rectification, control, switching, and output rectification.

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  • Richard J. Dahl Chairman of the Board
  • Oleg Khaykin Director and Chief Executive O
  • Company Type: n/a
  • Company Status: n/a
  • Full-time Employees: n/a
  • Incorporation: United States,
  • Top 1000 Ranking: Profit: n/a
    Revenue: n/a
    Assets: n/a

Head Office


Phone: (310)-726-8000
Fax: (310)-2527903

Ideas & Discussion

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