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Press release from Marketwire

China Gold International has Completed 50704.13m Diamond Drilling at the Jiama Project

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

China Gold International has Completed 50704.13m Diamond Drilling at the Jiama Project09:02 EST Wednesday, January 05, 2011VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 5, 2011) - China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. (TSX:CGG)(HK:2099) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that its planned 50,000m diamond drill program has been successfully completed, and it has obtained all the assay results from the ninety-five drill holes at its fully owned Jiama Copper-Gold poly-metallic project.This drill program focused on the extensions to the north, to the west, and to the center zone of the main Skarn and Hornfels ore bodies where previous drill holes have yielded significant inferred copper, molybdenum, gold and silver resources as seen in the Jiama ITR prepared by BD Asia dated September 9th, 2010. The drilling results will be included in an updated resource estimate which is currently being prepared. The updated resource estimate is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2011.A total of 50,704.13 meters in 95 diamond drill holes were completed, of which, 87 holes reached their planned depth while 5 holes were terminated earlier and 3 holes were abandoned due to the complex geological conditions. The high drilling success rate of 95 percent (88 hits out of 92 drill holes) demonstrates that the high-grade skarn type mineralization is continuous in the license area. The Company expects that the additional drill hole data will allow the Company to both upgrade some or all of the previously defined inferred resources estimated by BD Asia to the indicated and/or measured category and to expand the overall resource estimate of Skarn and Hornfels type mineralization on the property. In addition, the drilling program has identified a new standalone high grade quartz diorite porphyrite dyke type gold mineralization zone (drill hole ZK4504) which was discovered in the Southwest corner part of the existing mining license area, which may add a significant amount of high-grade gold resources to the project, and a large deep grano-porphyry copper-molydenum deposit underlying the current Skarn and Hornfels type deposits.Significant results from the drill holes include: 1, The holes from exploration grid line 7 to 24 including ZK717, ZK719, ZK024, ZK025, ZK027, ZK815, ZK816, ZK817, ZK818, ZK819, ZK1617, ZK2417 and ZK2416 in the center area of deposit (Center Zone) have intersected a more than 100 m thick high grade Skarn Type mineralization zone which is more than 1000 m long and 200-300 m wide. It will greatly increase the skarn type resource to the Jiama Project. 2, The holes from exploration grid line 16 to 40 including ZK1617, ZK2416, ZK2417, ZK3215, ZK3216, ZK3217, ZK4013 and ZK4015 have intersected a maximum 900.29m hornfels Type mineralization zone with the copper equivalent grade of 0.7-0.8%.3, The holes from exploration grid line 8 to 32 including ZK814, ZK1613, ZK1614, ZK1615, ZK2414, ZK2415, ZK2416 and ZK3214 have drilled 20 to 300m depth into the grano-porphyry type copper-molybdenum mineralization body, which may be the major porphyry ore body although the scale of porphyry ore body is unknown.4, The high grade gold mineralization section in the hole ZK4504 has shown the potential to find a standalone gold deposit in the Jiama deposit area.The highlights of assay results from 92 drilling holes are as follows:ZK817: intersected a cumulative 451.50 meter mineralized body including 263.20 meters hornfels type mineralization zone at 0.18% copper, 0.03% molybdenum and 0.8 g/t silver; 188.30 meters skarn-type mineralization zone at 0.48% copper, 0.086% molybdenum,0.24 g/t gold and 9.87 g/t silver, which includes 28.10 meter higher grade section from 667.90 to 696.0 meter at 1.22% copper, ,0.13% molybdenum, 0.45 g/t gold and 23.62 g/t silver, and 22 meter higher grade section from 576.10 to 598.10 meter at 0.84% copper, 0.42 g/t gold, 20.83 g/t silver and 0.12% molybdenum.ZK1615: intersected a cumulative 471.10 meter mineralized body including 134.00 meters hornfelstype mineralization zone at 0.25% copper, 0.04% molybdenum and 1.10 g/t silver; 337.10 meters silicified biotite grano-porphyry type mineralization zone at 0.10% copper, 0.08% molybdenum and 1.0 g/t silver.ZK2417: intersected a cumulative 827.20 meter mineralized body including 446.0 meters hornfelstype mineralization zone at 0.36% copper, 0.03% molybdenum, 0.02 g/t gold and 1.16 g/t silver; 381.20 meters hornfels and Skarn mixed type mineralization zone at 0.25% copper, 0.07% molybdenum, 0.03 g/t gold and 2.32 g/t silver.ZK3217: intersected a cumulative 900.29 meter mineralized body at 0.24% copper, 0.06% molybdenum and 0.98 g/t silver."The results of year 2010's drilling program are encouraging," said Dr. Song Xin, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. "The 900m thick hornfels type deposit near surface, the high grade Center Zone of Skarn type mineralization body in the middle and the grano-porphyry type deposit mineralized zone at depth show a complicated porphyry copper deposit system in the Jiama area. We will continue drilling this year to further define the deep porphyry deposit and potential standalone gold deposit within the Jiama mine district after updating the NI 43-101 compliant resource report in the early 2011."The assay results for all the 95 holes are summarized below: Hole IDIntervalsAu(g/t)Ag(g/t)Cu(%)Mo(%)CuEQMineralization TypeZK0178.000.021.380.130.110.93Hornfels3.000.000.750.010.050.38Skarn24.800.3117.040.730.011.7831.800.4614.890.830.011.77ZK01929. & SkarnZK02714.000.020.730.080.040.43Hornfels6.000.020.860.060.040.364.000.000.990.090.090.7312.000.000.880.110.050.464.000.000.840.080.040.3818. & SkarnZK7145.800.078.311.050.011.58Hornfels9. & Skarn4.000.388.590.440.041.226.761.1441.602.090.024.627.000.2511.320.530.001.206.740.4023.721.100.022.54MarbleZK7244. & Skarn10.590. & Skarn6.000.000.860.140.120.9828.100.010.900.160.221.7125.910.2611.430.530.031.39SkarnZK81323.740.012.130.320.000.46Hornfels4.000.010.630.150.070.6822.940.022.330.430.050.90Skarn & Porphyry76.640.6014.480.630.021.685.000.000.850.080.110.889.000.1211.380.510.021.2722.000.000.560.020.161.17Grano-porphyryZK81423.700. holeZK16126.000.020.860.340.010.49Hornfels26. & Porphyry54.860.001.050.490.010.6050.000.000.810.280.020.4818.000.000.770.250.030.4914.000.001.490.200.030.514. & Porphyry43.320.000.970.410.010.533.400.000.880.420.000.4846.500.000.940.350.010.4470.000.000.950.350.020.524.000.000.810.110.070.644.000.000.740.140.090.7732.000.000.770.200.020.4117.500.5529.501.290.002.97SkarnZK241427.970. & PorphyryZK241675.900.001.010.350.030.58Hornfels104.900.000.850.380.010.518.000.000.790.320.020.4794. & PorphyryZK241724. & SkarnZK2418156.200.041.400.470.010.60Hornfels38. holeZK31099.602.40.190.0650.76Hornfels6.50.63342.011.680.0124.10SkarnZK3111400.690.03030.0340.30Skarn70.0611.8380.5910.0091.29ZK3116140.34516.5380.8540.0021.81SkarnZK3211600.7960.350.01660.51Hornfels6400.890.310.0220.513600.9730.3240.0160.4938.40.0662.570.27090.01220.50ZK3212Abandoned holeZK32136.0000.7360.2050.0190.37Hornfels120.1212.6430.44130.01730.722000.790.430.0240.64194.950.00580.9920.4420.018370.624800.810.3790.02420.5958.7601.1580.33040.0420.6870.53444.6571.5130.00053.98Skarn140.28715.350.8510.02391.8815.650.3047.640.3770.02441.00ZK321411.1601.5070.0950.03870.44Hornfels209.80.051.370.4790.0120.6460.0101.2780.5530.02550.805200.8270.3710.06270.854200.75570.21790.0320.486400.8280.27640.03580.575200.8950.1590.06130.6345.1900.6660.0980.05670.5217900.6370.10.0710.62Hornfels & Grano-porphyryZK321546001.090.3750.04120.72Hornfels400.20.0091.24460.1610.0890.84ZK3217357.0901.1870.3990.02040.60Hornfels600.950.1640.0860.81537.200.8140.1730.07230.71ZK32182601.290.6140.0180.81Hornfels1800.8170.3670.0070.462600.9840.4070.0080.51180.012.010.4010.0080.562000.8930.2880.0030.36156.530.010.9620.3890.0120.523601.1660.3440.01340.50401.160.260.0370.581400.690.16190.04680.52600.770.1540.0690.6710400.830.1490.06340.633800.940.1570.0540.582200.7790.1230.040.44600.670.1170.0340.398600.8470.1240.0570.562000.630.0890.0330.351900.6370.03160.08040.62SkarnZK32192200.8570.3730.0020.43Hornfels801.430.440.0020.531001.4960.5960.0020.693201.120.4360.0080.553200.890.3120.01370.4560.041.0460.4030.01170.5512.69010.3350.0110.4680.0250.950.2770.0040.36140.01571.1710.3490.0070.462201.040.2160.0270.462800.7270.23040.05060.62600.6560.1670.03450.4491.920.0010.8350.20.0390.511200.6150.0750.04450.41600.560.080.0370.36ZK3903No Significant mineralizationSkarnZK390530.1468.9360.7370.0051.27Skarn300.640.01370.0990.73110.19912.040.5950.01121.35ZK39076.510.71810.290.2260.0020.91SkarnZK390990.051.050.10180.07080.65Skarn30.519.610.860.0032.017.630.14458.4890.4070.0160.99ZK391280.18310.110.370.00040.94SkarnZK40071001.070.2990.0070.40Hornfels608.840.4880.0071.00805.10.4490.0090.782501.2870.2290.02390.4611.630.0235.7060.7180.01781.15Skarn50.20610.7440.3950.01381.1050.0368.460.3440.01780.92ZK400912.330.0622.6530.470.0911.25Hornfels110.01453.6770.0760.0330.5021.860.1883.040.1420.02550.51240.23212.670.5780.0051.33Skarn6.60.35319.4281.1120.0012.21ZK4010601.6430.3440.0090.49Hornfels1001.830.39970.01510.60801.040.2920.0090.41402.420.3720.0170.6210.000.001.840.200.030.504.000.001.540. & Skarn12.000.021.800.230.020.49ZK430454.210.1818.750.320.031.55SkarnZK43065.750.6331.161.600.033.60ZK45036. PoryphriteZK470328.762.037.350.250.001.02SkarnZK470422.000.5848.582.430.135.97Skarn6.000.12340.100.320.0118.45ZK47056.000.0219.990.000.001.08MarbleZK47074. & Skarn10.0000.6880.1370.0230.336.1901.490.3560.0090.504.0002.7150.37420.00470.5556.400.04810.180.39590.02741.139.3002.190.2960.0060.4526.800.0878.8190.5070.01261.08SkarnZK49023. Significant mineralizationMarbleElephant Back MT ZK001No Significant mineralizationMarbleElephant Back MT ZK00314.576.508.410.120.052.07HornfelsElephant Back MT ZK0065.000.059.700.360.121.78Marble4.000.000.510.000.050.39Grano-porphyry19.470.002.550.070.050.58Grano-porphyry & MarbleElephant Back MT ZK008No Significant mineralizationMarbleNote: cutoff grades are 0.3% for copper, or 0.03% for molybdenum, or 0.5 g/t for gold. The interval is a drill intercept width; the true thickness is unknown yet although the mineralized body is in the tabular shape. EQCu is calculated based on the following formula and 100% recovery rates for all the metals are used: EQCu=Au(g/t)*0.18+Ag(g/t)*0.053+Cu(%)*1+Mo(%)*6.87+Pd(%)*0.32+Zn(%)*0.34SAMPLING, ASSAYING, QUALITY CONTROL AND QUALIFIED PERSONSample preparation and analysis for the Jiama core samples were undertaken by the Southwestern Metallurgic Geology Analytical Center ("Southwest Center") in Pengzhou, Sichuan Province, which is an accredited laboratory by the Chinese National Accreditation Board for Laboratories ("CNAL"), and Ministry of Land and Mineral Resources of China ("MOLR"). The Southwest Center set up a sample preparation facility in the Jiama core storage warehouse. Sample preparation was undertaken by the Southwest Center personnel. Drill core samples were cut in halves using a diamond saw first. One-half of the drillcore was sampled and assayed using the standard analytic methods specified in "The Quality Administration Standards for Analysis in Geological and Mineral Resource Laboratories" (DZ0130-94) promulgated by the former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources of China. Gold grades were determined by an aqua regia + fluoride digestion, reactivated carbon concentrating, and atomic absorption spectroscopy ("AAS") procedure. Copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, and silver grades were determined using an aqua regia + hydrofluoric acid + perchloric acid digestion and Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometry ("ICP-AES") or AAS procedure. All samples were analyzed for the above six metals. All the assays were completed at the Southwest Metallurgical Geology and Test Center lab in Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province, China. To maintain independent quality control on the laboratory, 2% of duplicate, blank and standard samples respectively are included in the all assay samples. The laboratory also uses an extensive range of internal standards. External check assays are routinely performed on check samples submitted independently by the Company to National Geological Sample Test Center in Beijing, China, which holds the Class A Geological and Mineral Sample Assay Qualification granted By MOLR. Further information on the Jiama project and technical information surrounding the Jiama project can be found on the website control and assurance programs are implemented in line with the standards of National Instrument 43-101. The exploration program on the Jiama project is managed by Dr. Tang Juxin, a senior researcher from Geology Academy of China. It is supervised by Dr. Yingting (Tony) Guo, P.Geo and an exploration Manager of the Company and a Qualified Person as defined under National Instrument 43-101. Dr. Guo has visited the Jiama Project in May, and October of 2010. Dr. Guo supervised the scientific and technical information contained in this news release. About China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. is a mining company whose principal property is the CSH Gold Mine. The Company began producing gold at the CSH Gold Mine in July 2007. In addition the Company now owns the Jiama Copper Poly-metallic Project which is one of the largest copper poly-metallic mines in China. It is a large scale poly-metallic deposit consisting of copper, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead and zinc and is currently in the production stage. The Company's shares are listed on the TSX under the symbol "CGG" and on the HKSE under stock code "2099". China National Gold Group Corporation, a Chinese state-owned enterprise owns approximately 39% of China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. shares. Forward-looking statementsCertain statements made herein, and other statements relating to matters that are not historical facts and statements of our beliefs, intentions and expectations about developments, results and events which will or may occur in the future, constitute "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable securities legislation . Forward-looking information and statements are typically identified by words such as "anticipate", "could", "should", "expect", "seek", "may", "intend", "likely", "plan", "estimate", "will", "believe" and similar expressions suggesting future outcomes or statements regarding an outlook. All such forward-looking information and statements are based on certain assumptions and analysis made by China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. management in light of their experience and perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments, as well as other factors management believes are appropriate in the circumstances. These statements, however, are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking information or statements. Important factors that could cause actual results to differ from these forward-looking statements include those described under the heading "Risks and Uncertainties" elsewhere in the Company's MD&A filed at The reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking information or statements. Except as required by law the Company does not assume the obligation to revise or update these forward looking statements after the date of this document or to revise them to reflect the occurrence of future, unanticipated events.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Frank LagigliaChina Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.Investor Relations