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Press release from Business Wire

Aruba Networks'® MOVE Architecture Accelerates the Enterprise Access Network Mobility Revolution

<p class='bwalignc'> <i>Aruba Unveils Industry-First Solution for Self-Service, Secure Network Access for Apple® iPads® and iPhones®</i> </p> <p class='bwalignc'> </p>

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aruba Networks'® MOVE Architecture Accelerates the Enterprise Access Network Mobility Revolution08:00 EDT Tuesday, March 15, 2011 SUNNYVALE, Calif. (Business Wire) -- The rapid onslaught of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices presents a number of new challenges to IT departments seeking to speed service delivery, significantly lower network-related costs and mitigate risk. Businesses' access networks are critical to meeting these challenges. The recent and exponential growth of enterprise mobility has fundamentally changed requirements for how these networks are built and operated. "The 'centers of gravity' for computing and network architectures have largely mirrored each other through the history of IT," said Mark Fabbi, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Research. "However, the trends of server and data center consolidation, hosted virtual desktops (HVDs) and cloud computing have altered the requirements for network services and how the LAN could be architected. IT organizations can easily overspend on highly engineered, expensive, traditional approaches to campus LAN architectures." To help companies meet new challenges resulting from these shifts, and to facilitate the evolution from Ethernet port-centric to mobility-centric access networks, Aruba Networks®, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARUN) today unveiled its Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture. Aruba MOVE provides context-aware networking for the post-PC era. Aruba Mobility Network Services are delivered centrally from the data center across thin mobility access “on-ramps.” With Aruba MOVE, IT organizations have a purpose-built but flexible solution for enabling mobility, and a clear path to shift expensive investments away from legacy wired access networks. NEW! Industry's First Mobile Device Access Control (MDAC) Solution for Apple® iOS Devices Providing easy, secure network access to facilitate the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) phenomenon is one of today's most significant IT pain points. Aruba addresses this with the introduction of Mobile Device Access Control (MDAC). This solution is designed for zero-touch, secure provisioning of Apple® iOS mobile devices. Recently acquired Aruba Amigopod enables self-registration of mobile devices, automated certificate installation on iOS devices and automated authorization of users. Scalable up to 10,000 concurrent sessions, Amigopod also enables seamless Integration of corporate branding for captive portals, and is fully interoperable with multi-vendor networks. NEW! ArubaOS 6.1 Mobility Services: Enabling Context-Aware Capabilities across Wireless and Wired Networks At the heart of Aruba's MOVE architecture, ArubaOS Mobility Services enable the development, deployment and enforcement of a single set of network services that manage security, policy and network performance for every user and device on the network, regardless of access type. ArubaOS Mobility Services are centrally deployed, with private or public cloud-based management. This mobility- and user-centric approach enables a necessary shift away from more than 20 years of Ethernet port-centric network architectures to reduce costs and enable workforce mobility. Mobile Device Fingerprinting, another key innovation announced today, enables the network to identify and monitor Apple iOS and other mobile device platforms. This capability, combined with Aruba Amigopod and Aruba Airwave Network Management, enable the Aruba MDAC solution. "Since the beginning of the year, we've consistently had two to three times the number of wirelessly-connected devices on the network as we have staff," said Lee Cullivan, manager of data, voice and security networks at Boston Medical Center. "The new device fingerprinting capabilities and the general level of visibility and control that the Aruba MOVE architecture gives me into users, application traffic and even device types helps us ensure that our mobile network is truly enterprise-grade. Aruba gives us the tools we need to ensure that the network not only works, but that it gives our physicians, patients, visitors and staff the best possible experience." “A mobility-centric approach delivers better security and easier user administration across wireless, wired, remote office and outdoor networks," said Philippe Hanset, network architect at the University of Tennessee. "The granular visibility that Aruba's mobile access network services, based on its MOVE architecture, give us into users, devices and applications, speeds troubleshooting and enables us to improve service quality for every user across the network." "Working with Aruba gives Accuvant the confidence that we will have the right solution for our customers' mobility problems, whether they are network-, device- or application-based," said Dan Wilson, co-founder and vice president of Accuvant, an Aruba sales partner. "Advanced features like device fingerprinting and application fingerprinting, combined with the new guest access enhancements are truly helping my customers manage the onslaught of mobile devices on their business networks." The Next Step: Rightsizing for Mobility With companies already leveraging 802.11n to reduce the number of Ethernet ports provisioned on their LANs from four ports per person to two- or even one-port-per-person, Aruba's MOVE architecture enables further cost reduction through "Network Rightsizing for Mobility." Rightsizing for Mobility with Aruba's MOVE architecture reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the access network by up to 70 percent when compared to legacy port-based network architectures. "Until recently, we built networks based on the assumption that we'd need four Ethernet ports per person - one each for voice and data, with redundancy," said Mike Redeker, CTO for ATB Financial, a leading financial institution headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. "The Aruba MOVE architecture lets us rightsize our network for mobility, not only greatly reducing the number of physical ports and cables we deploy, but also giving us the ability to better support our increasingly mobile workforce. Taking a mobility-first approach to access network development has decreased both capex and opex, reduced help desk calls and enabled people to work wherever they need to on whatever device they choose.” NEW! Ubiquitous, Affordable Network “On-ramps” For more detail on new Aruba access points and additional products announced today, please see the companion press release here: "In a world where users are always on the move and utilizing more than one device, the need for IT to enable context-aware mobility, which identifies the user, device, application and location is critical," said Dominic Orr, president and CEO of Aruba. "The Aruba MOVE architecture represents a real opportunity for businesses to not only rightsize their networks, but to rightsize their operations. Securely enabling users to work when and where they like results in increased productivity for both IT and users, as well as the opportunity for significant cost reduction." For additional information on Aruba MOVE: (Hilarious!) Videos – Mobility challenges and Aruba MOVE: The CEO and his iPad -- "Meow" - The CEO and his iPad -- "Anything Else?" - The CEO and his iPad -- "Hold on, Let Me Check" - Going to Brazil -- "Emailllllllll" - Going to Brazil -- "Time Machine" - Going to Brazil - "Second Life" - About Aruba Networks, Inc. Aruba is a global leader in distributed enterprise networks. Its award-winning portfolio of campus, branch/teleworker, and mobile solutions simplify operations and secure access to all corporate applications and services - regardless of the user's device, location, or network. This dramatically improves productivity and lowers capital and operational costs. Listed on the NASDAQ and Russell 2000® Index, Aruba is based in Sunnyvale, California, and has operations throughout the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions. To learn more, visit Aruba at For real-time news updates follow Aruba on Twitter and Facebook. © 2011 Aruba Networks, Inc. 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