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U.S. Federal Agencies Use Guidance Software for e-Discovery, Data Security and Incident Response

<p class='bwalignc'> <i>Customers include The Department of Justice, the Department of Energy, Social Security Administration, the Department of Defense and many more</i> </p>

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U.S. Federal Agencies Use Guidance Software for e-Discovery, Data Security and Incident Response08:00 EDT Wednesday, March 30, 2011 PASADENA, Calif. (Business Wire) -- Guidance Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:GUID) today announced that many of the largest United States federal agencies are using EnCase® software to discover and protect their data. A partial list of Guidance Software federal customers include: Department of Defense (DOD) Department of Energy (DOE) Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Department of Justice (DOJ) Department of Treasury Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) United States Army Social Security Administration E-Discovery Federal agencies are among some of the largest and most distributed organizations in the world; subject to regulations, litigation and more. For example, public agencies are increasingly asked to search for, locate, and provide records in response to the Freedom of Information Act, including metadata. The vast amount of information is driving agencies to look to e-discovery solutions and services like EnCase eDiscovery from Guidance Software. “Federal agencies are not only required to procure documents under the Freedom of Information Act, they must now be prepared to dig much deeper and provide metadata,” said Daniel Lim, senior director and assistant general counsel for Guidance Software. “The recent ruling by Federal Judge Scheindlin1 says that metadata presumptively is producible under Freedom of Information Act, and that the government has the burden to establish otherwise.” He added, “It's critical that federal agencies select an e-discovery solution that allows them to comply with the metadata requirements from these recent decisions. EnCase eDiscovery preserves metadata at the point of collection in its original native format and produces its forensically-preserved collections in load file format, thereby, making it the only solution that can comply with the standard set by this case, as well as similar state cases.” Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Incident Response The protection of sensitive data is critical for the federal government. A number of agencies use EnCase Cybersecurity to address the problem of classified data spillage by identifying sensitive data, understanding who has access to it, and on what endpoints. With EnCase Cybersecurity federal agencies are able to remediate classified information from unauthorized machines as part of their efforts at protecting information. Another major IT security issue that EnCase Cybersecurity addresses is incident response and management. Cyber security threats targeting the public sector are on the rise. According to an independent Forrester Research, Inc. February 2011 report2, “The increased sophistication of threats targeting government systems means that, sooner or later, security breaches are all but inevitable. Having a comprehensive and well-tested breach response plan could be the difference between a contained incident and a fiasco. Many government agencies are ill-equipped to handle security incidents — they have neither the tools nor the processes to monitor, react, and respond to incidents in a robust fashion.” Professional Services and Training for Federal Agencies In addition to using EnCase software, a growing number of federal agencies are working with the company's Professional Services team to develop comprehensive best practice programs and processes. Guidance Software also offers an extensive training program for federal agencies, with course offerings for computer forensic examiners and security and e-discovery practitioners as well as certifications in computer forensics (EnCE®) and e-discovery (EnCEP™) technology and best practices. Federal customers can take training at Guidance Software's Dulles, Virginia office, online or at other locations. The company also provides a discounted government tuition program for live courses, and offers an annual training passport program that enables agencies to purchase all the training an employee needs for one or two years. “The federal government sector is under increased scrutiny and pressure to comply with a myriad of regulations; to protect citizen and classified information; while ensuring that organizational processes and business flow are maintained,” said Leo Cole, vice president of marketing, Guidance Software. “This is an important task when you consider the size and scope of many federal agencies. At Guidance Software, we are working with many of the largest agencies, providing them with software and services for their e-discovery, data security and incident management needs. We're working alongside them to build repeatable, defensible business processes and best practices programs.” About Guidance Software, Inc. Guidance Software is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in digital investigative solutions. Its EnCase® platform provides the foundation for government, corporate and law enforcement organizations to conduct thorough, network-enabled, and court-validated computer investigations of any kind, such as responding to eDiscovery requests, conducting internal investigations, responding to regulatory inquiries or performing data and compliance auditing - all while maintaining the integrity of the data. There are more than 30,000 licensed users of the EnCase technology worldwide, the EnCase® Enterprise platform is used by over half of the Fortune 100, and thousands attend Guidance Software's renowned training programs annually. For more information about Guidance Software, visit Follow Guidance Software on Twitter at and on Facebook at EnCase®, EnScript®, FastBloc®, EnCE®, Guidance Software™ and Tableau™ are registered trademarks or trademarks owned by Guidance Software in the United States and other jurisdictions and may not be used without prior written permission. Forward Looking Statements This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements in this release involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations. There can be no assurance that demand for the Guidance Software's products will continue at current or greater levels, or that the Company will continue to grow revenues, or be profitable. There are also risks that the Guidance Software's pursuit of providing network security and eDiscovery technology might not be successful, or that if successful, it will not materially enhance the Guidance Software's financial performance; that the Company could fail to retain key employees; that changes in customer requirements and other general economic and political uncertainties could impact the Guidance Software's relationship with its customers; and that delays in product development, competitive pressures or technical difficulties could impact timely delivery of next-generation products; and other risks and uncertainties that are described from time to time in Guidance Software's periodic reports and registration statements filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Company specifically disclaims any responsibility for updating these forward-looking statements. GUID-F ______________________________ 1   Federal District Court Judge, Shira A. Scheindlin of the Southern District of New York, has written another landmark opinion regarding eDiscovery with National Day Laborer Organizing Network v. United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, 2011 WL 381625 (S.D.N.Y. Feb. 7, 2011) 2 Forrester Research, Inc., “Spotlight On Security Service Providers For The US Government”, February 7, 2011 Guidance Software, Inc.Cas Purdy,