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USG Corporation Announces Lightweight 5/8-Inch Non-Type X Wallboard

<p class='bwalignc'> <b>SHEETROCK</b><sup><b>®</b></sup><b> Brand UltraLight Panels 1/2-inch Wallboard Available Nationwide</b> </p>

Monday, April 04, 2011

USG Corporation Announces Lightweight 5/8-Inch Non-Type X Wallboard09:00 EDT Monday, April 04, 2011 CHICAGO (Business Wire) -- USG Corporation (NYSE: USG), a leading building products company, announced today it broadened its portfolio of lightweight wallboard products with the introduction of SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30. The lightweight 5/8-inch non-Type X gypsum panels meet current building codes and are up to 30 percent lighter than the competition's standard Type X panel, making them easier to lift, carry and install. USG's SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 complements the company's introduction of its lightweight 1/2-inch gypsum panels, which are also 30 percent lighter than the competition. USG recently accelerated the distribution of its SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels, which are now available nationwide at more than 1,000 retail and specialty dealer locations. “As the leader in lightweight technology and cutting-edge design trends, USG continues to innovate—as we've done for the past 109 years—as we expand our category of lightweight products,” said James Metcalf, president and chief executive officer, USG Corporation. “SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels have helped contractors and remodelers build residential homes with greater efficiency that reduces employee fatigue, increases productivity and improves life safety. Now, USG is helping architects, contractors and dealers design, install and build commercial spaces and multifamily residences easier than ever before with a lightweight 5/8-inch wallboard product.” SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 Meet Building Requirements SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 meets International Building Code (IBC) standards for use in non-rated and 30-minute fire-rated partitions. Instead of using Type X wallboard—a key component in many fire-rated partitions—throughout a project even when it is not required on a high percentage of the partitions in the building, architects now have greater flexibility and can specify USG's SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 for non-rated and 30-minute fire-rated applications. In certain types of construction, including Type VB Group R, one-hour rated partitions can be reduced to 30 minutes if fire suppression sprinklers are installed, according to IBC standards (certain requirements vary by area). SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels were invented at USG's Corporate Innovation Center, located in Libertyville, Ill. Using proprietary technologies and processes, USG's scientists created a lightweight panel that is up to 30 percent lighter than the competition's 5/8-inch Type X, making them easier to transport and install. SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 feature a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to standard, heavier 5/8-inch Type X. USG's SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30, which also feature superior sag resistance, can be used in any commercial or residential project where Type X panels are not required, ultimately helping contractors increase productivity compared to using a 5/8-inch Type X panel. The lightweight 30-minute fire rated panels meet ASTM C1396 Specification for Gypsum Board for 5/8-inch non-Type X gypsum wallboard and ASTM E84 Class A Surface Burning Characteristics as defined in IBC Section 803.1. The panels will also be UL Classified for use in a single layer with steel- and wood-framed 30 minute fire-rated partitions. “Customer response to USG's creation of a lightweight wallboard category continues to be highly positive,” said Chris Griffin, executive vice president, Operations, USG Corporation. “We are once again accelerating and expanding the availability of SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels so that customers across the U.S. now have a lightweight solution.” SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLight Panels, the industry's first lightweight wallboard product first shipped in July 2010, is now also available nationwide at more than 1,000 retail and specialty dealer locations. The product has received several industry awards, including a 2010 Chicago Innovation Award, accolades from leading industry magazines, and was featured on the eighth season of ABC-TVs “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Specifications for SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE 30® Boost Productivity, Profit USG is the only manufacturer to offer a lightweight 5/8-inch non-Type X wallboard product. The expanded family of both lightweight 1/2- and 5/8-inch gypsum panels help architects design efficient and sustainable spaces. In residential homes, 1/2-inch SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels present a potential cost savings when used as a replacement for standard, heavier 5/8-inch Type X board used on ceilings or 1/2-inch interior ceiling board. USG's new 5/8-inch SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 allow architects to specify a lightweight gypsum panel in commercial buildings and multifamily residences that meets building code requirements for partition walls, resulting in increased productivity on the job site. SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels and SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 help reduce fatigue for wallboard installers because of their lighter weight, and easier installation—ultimately helping contractors meet schedule demands. Dealers also benefit from the lighter weight with reduced employee fatigue, less wear and tear on equipment and the ability to ship more product per truck, resulting in increased operational efficiency. An environmentally friendly product, SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 are made with up to 95 percent recycled content, offer a reduction in transportation energy, and qualify as a low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting material. SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels are also sustainable and were the industry's and company's first product to undergo Underwriters Laboratories Inc.'s UL Environment™ Validation. The 1/2-inch lightweight gypsum panels are made with up to 95 percent recycled content, offer up to a 20-percent reduction in transportation energy, conserve raw materials by up to 15 percent, and also qualify as a low VOC emitting material. USG's SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels Availability SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels FIRECODE® 30 will be showcased at the INTEX Expo in Las Vegas on April 6-7, 2011. Visit the USG booth #605 for more information and to feel the difference. The lightweight 5/8-inch panels will be available in standard lengths, including 8-, 10- and 12-foot panels in 48-inch widths and a 12-foot panel with a 54-inch width. For more information on SHEETROCK® UltraLight Panels, and to find a dealer near you from more than 1,000 locations across the U.S., visit USG Corporation is a manufacturer and distributor of high-performance building systems through its United States Gypsum Company, USG Interiors, Inc. and L&W Supply Corporation and other subsidiaries. Headquartered in Chicago, USG's worldwide operations serve the residential and non-residential construction markets, repair and remodel construction markets, and industrial processes. USG's wall, ceiling, flooring and roofing products provide leading-edge building solutions for customers, while L&W Supply branch locations efficiently stock and deliver building materials nationwide. For additional information, visit the USG Web site at USG CorporationRobert E. WilliamsMedia Director(312) 436-4356