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First U.S. Multi-Car Electric Vehicle Charging System Introduced by Recharge Solutions Int'l LLC

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First U.S. Multi-Car Electric Vehicle Charging System Introduced by Recharge Solutions Int'l LLC16:16 EDT Tuesday, April 12, 2011MIAMI, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Multi-level garages, automotive fleets and large-scale parking facilities can now be far greener and have a new source of revenue ? thanks to Recharge Solutions Int'l LLC.  This innovative Company is dedicated to providing electric vehicle charging systems to the millions of people who live and/or work in high rise buildings with multi-level garages, as well as to fleet operators and other large garage owners/operators such as airports, hospitals and universities.Recharge Solutions has designed and will install, operate and maintain this unique multi-car electric vehicle charging system in urban areas in the United States.  Approximately 70% of car owners in major urban areas park their cars in multi-level or large parking lots.Unlike any other electric car charging station in the U.S., Recharge Solutions' patent-pending design supports control and management of a network of multiple charging stations from a single, smart master control unit, greatly enhancing convenience, cost efficiencies and scalability.  Additionally, its System can be easily and cost-effectively customized to suit a variety of parking environments such as valet parking and assigned or unassigned spaces, and can also be expanded up to 100 cars simultaneously, as the electric vehicle charging demand grows."There are multiple benefits to garage owners/operators using our System.  First and foremost, this new System can be integrated into existing garages without interfering with normal garage operations.  Secondly, there are no capital or operating expenses for garage owners/operators.  Finally, of course, is the opportunity for these garages to operate as green facilities by providing alternative energy sources to their customers," said Recharge Solutions' Founder & CEO, Matthew Leibowitz.South Florida-based Recharge Solutions has entered into an agreement with California-based ClipperCreek, one of the largest manufacturers of electric vehicle charging units in the U.S. to initially modify its existing CS-40 charger and to manufacture the System.  The modified CS-40 will be available within 30 days, and it is anticipated that the fully integrated centrally controlled System will be available by Q4, 2011.Recharge Solutions has also entered into an agreement with MasTec Inc. (NYSE: MTZ) to sell the electric vehicle system to condominiums and apartments in urban markets throughout the U.S. and to provide installation and maintenance services.  For further information, contact Matthew Leibowitz at 1-888-OK-RECHG (888-657-3244) or or visit Recharge Solutions Int?l