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Press release from CNW Group

Claymore Investments, Inc. Announces Final Annual Capital Gains Distributions for the Claymore Exchange-Traded Funds for 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Claymore Investments, Inc. Announces Final Annual Capital Gains Distributions for the Claymore Exchange-Traded Funds for 201122:12 EST Monday, December 19, 2011TORONTO, Dec. 19, 2011 /CNW/ - Claymore Investments, Inc. announces today the 2011 annual capital gains distributions for the Claymore Exchange-Traded Funds ("ETFs").The annual capital gains distributions will not be paid in cash and will not affect the Net Asset Value per unit of the ETF but will be reinvested and reported as taxable distributions and will increase the investor's adjusted cost base for the respective ETF, with no change in numbers of units outstanding. The record date for the final distributions is December 29, 2011. The ex-dividend date for all ETFs is December 23, 2011 except for the Claymore Premium Money Market ETF (TSX:CMR/CMR.A), which will have an ex-dividend date of December 29, 2011. The distributions will be paid/reinvested on December 30, 2011.Claymore manages the holdings of the Claymore ETFs in a way that minimizes the amount of capital gains incurred by the funds. "Only three of our thirty four Claymore ETFs have capital gains for the tax year 2011, which is a great testament to the tax efficiency of the ETF structure" said Som Seif, President and CEO of  Claymore Investments, Inc. "This fact highlights another significant advantage that ETFs offer over traditional products in addition to their low costs."The 2011 distributions and their tax characteristics will be reported in early 2012.Fund NameTrading SymbolAnnual capital gain per ETF unit as at Dec 15, 2011Net Asset Value per ETF unit as at Dec 15, 2011Cap Gains as a % of NAV as at Dec 15, 2011Claymore S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend ETFCDZ     $0.8014$20.63503.88%CDZ.A     $0.7569$20.57333.68%Claymore Global Infrastructure ETFCIF     $0.4531$16.72582.71%CIF.A     $0.3863$16.65942.32%Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETFCUD     $0.1135$20.75550.55%CUD.A     $0.0961$20.75080.46%The following funds will not incur capital gains for the year:Fund NameTrading Symbol   Estimated annual capital gain per fund unitClaymore Canadian Fundamental Index ETFCRQ$0.00CRQ.A$0.00Claymore US Fundamental Index ETF (C$ Hedged)CLU$0.00CLU.A$0.00Claymore US Fundamental Index ETF (Non-hedged)CLU.B$0.00CLU.C$0.00Fund NameTrading Symbol   Estimated annual capital gain per fund unitClaymore International Fundamental Index ETFCIE$0.00CIE.A$0.00Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ HedgedCJP$0.00CJP.A$0.00Claymore Global Monthly Advantaged Dividend ETFCYH$0.00CYH.A$0.00Claymore Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETFFIE$0.00FIE.A$0.00Claymore Broad Emerging Markets ETFCWO$0.00CWO.A$0.00Claymore BRIC ETFCBQ$0.00CBQ.A$0.00Claymore China ETFCHI$0.00CHI.A$0.00Claymore Global Real Estate ETFCGR$0.00CGR.A$0.00Claymore Global Agriculture ETFCOW$0.00COW.A$0.00Claymore S&P/TSX Global Mining ETFCMW$0.00CMW.A$0.00Claymore S&P Global Water ETFCWW$0.00CWW.A$0.00Claymore Oil Sands Sector ETFCLO$0.00CLO.A$0.00Claymore Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETFCEW$0.00CEW.A$0.00Claymore Premium Money Market ETFCMR$0.00CMR.A$0.00Claymore Advantaged Canadian Bond ETFCAB$0.00CAB.A$0.00Claymore Advantaged High Yield Bond ETFCHB$0.00CHB.A$0.00Claymore Advantaged Short Duration High Income ETFCSD$0.00CSD.A$0.00Fund NameTrading Symbol   Estimated annual capital gain per fund unitClaymore Advantaged Short Duration High Income ETF (US$ Units)CSD.U$0.00CSD.V$0.00Claymore Advantaged Convertible Bond ETFCVD$0.00CVD.A$0.00Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond ETFCLF$0.00CLF.A$0.00Claymore 1-10 Yr Laddered Government Bond ETFCLG$0.00CLG.A$0.00Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Corporate Bond ETFCBO$0.00CBO.A$0.00Claymore 1-10 Yr Laddered Corporate Bond ETFCBH$0.00CBH.A$0.00Claymore S&P/TSX CDN Preferred Share ETFCPD$0.00CPD.A$0.00Claymore 10 Yr Inverse Government Bond ETFCIB$0.00Claymore Balanced Income CorePortfolioTM ETFCBD$0.00CBD.A$0.00Claymore Balanced Growth CorePortfolioTM ETFCBN$0.00CBN.A$0.00Claymore Broad Commodity ETFCBR$0.00CBR.A$0.00Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (C$ Hedged)CGL$0.00Claymore Gold Bullion ETF (Non-Hedged)CGL.C$0.00Claymore Natural Gas Commodity ETFGAS$0.00Commentary on the capital gains distributionsCDZ/CDZ.AThe capital gains of the Claymore S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend ETF (TSX:CDZ/CDZ.A) are the result of the annual index rebalancing, the largest gain arising from sales of Keyera Corp (TSX:KEY). In the months leading up to the rebalance Keyera's stock price exhibited a strong uptrend, reducing the security's dividend yield, and leading it to be rebalanced to a lower weight in the portfolio in accordance with the ETF's index methodology.CIF/CIF.AThe capital gains of the Claymore Global Infrastructure ETF are the result of the index rebalancing during the year. Most notably the gain resulted from the sales of Chicago Bridge & Iron Company (NYSE:CBI) in the February and May 2011 rebalances, as well as the rebalance of El Paso Corporation (NYSE:EP), which was removed from the index in November.CUD/CUD.AThe capital gains of the Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETF are the result of the annual index rebalancing in December. The largest contributor was CenturyLink Inc (NYSE:CTL), which was removed from the index because it had failed to increase their dividend in 2010.About Claymore Investments, Inc. Claymore Investments, Inc. ("Claymore") is a Canadian leader in bringing intelligent, low cost exchange-traded funds in Canada through its family of 34 ETFs and 2 closed-end funds across broad asset classes including core equity, global sectors, fixed income and commodities with approximately $7.0 billion in assets under management as of November 30, 2011.  Claymore is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guggenheim Funds Services Group, Inc., a financial services and asset management company based in the Chicago, Illinois area and an indirect subsidiary of Guggenheim Partners, LLC, ("Guggenheim") a global, diversified financial services firm with more than $125 billion in assets under supervision. Guggenheim, through its affiliates, provides investment management, investment advisory, insurance, investment banking, and capital markets services. The firm is headquartered in Chicago and New York with a global network of offices throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.For further information about any of the Claymore ETFs or Claymore Investments, Inc., please visit our website at www.claymoreinvestments.caCommissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with investment fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Investment funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. For further information: For more information investors should consult with their investment advisor or visit our website at For media inquiries, please contact: Dan Rubin Vice-President, Marketing (416) 813-2018