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Press release from Marketwire

Detour Gold Reports Additional Drill Results from Its 2011 Drilling Program at Detour Lake Project in Ontario

(3.54 g/t / 40.9 m & 2.92 g/t / 41.5 m in QK Zone)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Detour Gold Reports Additional Drill Results from Its 2011 Drilling Program at Detour Lake Project in Ontario18:30 EST Tuesday, January 10, 2012TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 10, 2012) -Detour Gold Corporation (TSX:DGC) ("Detour Gold" or the "Company") reports assay results for 93 holes totaling 31,857 metres from its 2011 drilling campaign at the Detour Lake gold project in northern Ontario. The 2011 drilling program totaled 86,644 metres and covered the western extension of the Detour Lake open pit deposit up to section 17,220E and the north wall of the open pit up to section 18,500E. Assays have now been reported for 41,158 metres. Approximately 67,587 metres (or 78%) of the 2011 drilling program will be included in the 2011 year-end mineral resource and reserve update, which will be announced in early February 2012. For the new mineral reserve estimate, the Company will be using a gold price of US$850/oz and the same pit shell that currently contains mineral reserves of 449.5 million tonnes averaging 1.03 g/t for 14.9 million ounces of gold estimated at a gold price of US$850/oz (refer to press release dated January 31, 2011). Sixteen (16) holes completed on sections 17,380E (40 metres west from the last reported section 17,420E) continued to encounter significant gold mineralization outside of the current open pit. The majority of the gold mineralization is found within a folded sequence of pillow flows. Of significance, hole DG-11-1092 intersected 3.54 g/t (uncut) or 1.02 g/t (cut) over 40.9 metres and hole DG-11-1082 intersected 4.13 g/t (uncut) or 2.15 g/t (cut) over 24 metres and 2.92 g/t (uncut) or 1.36 g/t (cut) over 41.5 metres. The three holes drilled on section 17,220E (western most section drilled by Detour Gold) intersected gold mineralization above the QZ Zone, which was drilled by Placer Dome in the mid-90's. Hole DG-11-1120 intersected 1.42 g/t (uncut) or 1.38 g/t (cut) over 51 metres. These mineralized zones have not been drilled above the QZ Zone (between sections 17,220E and 17,380E) and remains open to the west. The 2012 drilling program, which is starting this week, will target gold mineralization above the QK Zone between section 16,000E and 17,000E. A large majority of the holes being reported today were targeting the south wall of the western end of the open pit to complete the infill drilling on a 40 metre by 40 metre spacing (17,380E to 17,940E). Results were as expected and indicate the following: the presence of more non-mineralized ultramafic intrusive bodies towards the west and that the main mineralized corridor moves north from the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone (SLDZ) at the western end of the current pit shell.Significant gold mineralized (uncut) intervals encountered are shown below.Calcite ZoneDG-11-11159.84 g/t over 7.0 mQK ZoneDG-11-1042DG-11-1047DG-11-1056DG-11-10613.67 g/t over 19.0 m1.41 g/t over 37.0 m1.25 g/t over 44.5 m7.12 g/t over 7.5 m10.89 g/t over 10.2 m2.16 g/t over 33.5 mDG-11-1073DG-11-1082DG-11-1092DG-11-11031.99 g/t over 28.0 m4.13 g/t over 24.0 m3.54 g/t over 40.9 m0.89 g/t over 70.0 m2.92 g/t over 41.5 mDG-11-1110DG-11-1120DG-11-11372.04 g/t over 27.0 m1.42 g/t over 51.0 m9.25 g/t over 6.9 mComplete tables of results, surface and longitudinal plans and cross-sections for the Detour Lake deposit are posted on the Company's website under Projects/Detour Lake Exploration or Detour Gold's delineation program is being managed by its Exploration Manager, Guy MacGillivray, P.Geo., a Qualified Person within the meaning of National Instrument 43-101. Mr. MacGillivray has verified and approved the data disclosed in this release, including the sampling, analytical and test data underlying the information. Samples are now prepared at both SGS Minerals Services in Garson and Don Mills, Ontario, Canada and assayed at the Don Mills location. Analysis for gold is done on sawn half core samples using fire assay (AA finish). Samples with higher grade gold (>5 g/t) are re-assayed using the pulp and metallics procedures. Standard reference materials, blank and field duplicate samples are inserted prior to shipment from site to monitor the quality control of the assay data. For additional information on Quality Assurance and Quality Control ("QA/QC"), refer to the Technical Report filed in June 2010.Forward-Looking Information This news release contains certain forward-looking information as defined in applicable securities laws (referred to herein as "forward-looking statements"). Specifically, this news release contains forward-looking statements regarding the drill results having a positive impact on the year-end mineral reserve and resource update. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which are beyond Detour Gold's ability to predict or control and may cause Detour Gold's actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any of its future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by forward-looking statements. These risks, uncertainties and other factors include, but are not limited to, gold price volatility, changes in debt and equity markets, the uncertainties involved in interpreting geological data, increases in costs, environmental compliance and changes in environmental legislation and regulation, interest rate and exchange rate fluctuations, general economic conditions and other risks involved in the gold exploration and development industry, as well as those risk factors discussed in the section entitled "Description of Business - Risk Factors" in Detour Gold's July 27, 2011 short form prospectus and in the continuous disclosure documents filed by Detour Gold on and available at Such forward-looking statements are also based on a number of assumptions which may prove to be incorrect, including, but not limited to, assumptions about the following: the availability of financing for exploration and development activities; the estimated timeline for the development of the Detour Lake gold project; the supply and demand for, and the level and volatility of the price of, gold; the results of the feasibility study and the assumptions on which the feasibility study is based; the accuracy of reserve and resource estimates and the assumptions on which the reserve and resource estimates are based; the receipt of necessary permits; market competition; ongoing relations with employees and impacted communities; and general business and economic conditions. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Detour Gold undertakes no obligation to update publicly or otherwise revise any forward-looking statements contained herein whether as a result of new information or future events or otherwise, except as may be required by law. Detour Lake Project - Highlights of Drill Results (West of Calcite Zone)Hole No.Section No.From (m)To (m)Length (m)Au Uncut (g/t)Au Cut to 20 g/t (g/t)Host RockUnitDG-11-103117,380E386.0393. ZoneDG-11-103317,380ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-103617,380E154.0161. ZoneInc. 157.5158.00.535.5520.00461.0470.09.00.820.82DG-11-103917,380E332.0339. Massive FlowQK ZoneInc. 332.5333.00.569.5020.00423.0433.010.01.691.69472.0479.07.05.813.87Lower Massive FlowInc. 473.0473.50.547.2320.00DG-11-104217,380E48.0056.08.01.611.61QK Zone179.0186. Massive FlowInc. 465.7466.20.545.7820.00Inc. 476.0476.50.572.2920.00526.0540.014.001.491.49DG-11-104517,380E159.0168.09.00.810.81QK Zone213.4221.,380E37. Zone232.0269.037.01.411.37Upper PF/MFInc. 246.0247.01.021.3220.00615.0634.619.61.271.27DG-11-105517,860ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-105617,420E101.2111.109.91.781.78QK Zone119.5164. Pillow Flow180.0199.519.50.940.94244.5254.710.210.894.65Upper PF/MFInc. 251.5252.00.564.2520.00Inc. 252.0253.01.061.5720.00311.0328. 616.2616.70.540.2820.00DG-11-105817,580E63. Zone311.0318.,980ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-106117,380E111.0118. Zone266.0280. 429.8430.30.524.4220.00452.0484.232.21.411.41Upper Pillow Flow495.0502. Massive FlowInc. 498.0498.50.592.3220.00521.0528. Pillow Flow658.5692. Massive FlowInc. 672.0673.01.024.1420.00DG-11-106217,580E34. ZoneDG-11-106317,940E109.0116. ZoneDG-11-106417,940E114.3122. ZoneDG-11-106517,940E240.0254.514.50.680.68Calcite Zone295.0302.07.01.681.68DG-11-106617,900ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-106717,900ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-106817,620E148.0158.010.00.870.87Calcite Zone205.0212.07.03.301.63Inc. 211.5212.00.543.4420.00DG-11-106917,380ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-107017,660E257.0264. Zone301.0313.012.01.861.86DG-11-107117,900ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-107217,380ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-107317,380E118.0125. Zone152.0159.07.01.321.32181.0190.09.00.960.96290.0308. Pillow Flow404.0432.028.01.991.99Upper Pillow Flow506.0531. MF/Lower PF541.0557.016.02.441.90Lower MF/PFInc. 551.0551.50.537.3920.00DG-11-107417,380ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-107517,900ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-107617,660E285.0292.37.31.771.77Calcite ZoneDG-11-107717,860E74. massive FlowCalcite ZoneInc.,420ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-107917,660ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-108017,820E80. ZoneDG-11-108117,420ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-108217,380E239.0263. Pillow FlowQK ZoneInc. 241.0242.01.067.5020.00304.5346.041.52.921.36Upper Pillow FlowInc. 304.5305.00.571.9520.00Inc. 336.5337.00.597.0920.00360.0381.0021.00.990.99458.0494. PF/Upper MFDG-11-108317,660ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-108417,820ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-108517,660E157.0164.07.02.592.59Calcite ZoneDG-11-108617,420ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-108717,820E104.0111.07.01.781.78Calcite Zone126.0133.,660E175.0190.015.01.761.76Lower Massive FlowCalcite ZoneDG-11-108917,820E91. ZoneInc.,700E96.0103.07.02.732.31Calcite ZoneInc. 100.7101.30.624.8920.00DG-11-109117,420ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-109217,380E42. Pillow FlowQK ZoneInc. Pillow FlowInc. 219.7220.20.5226.4420.00270.0281.011.02.832.83Upper Pillow Flow305.7316.210.51.311.31343.6353.09.41.341.34461.0468.07.05.331.55Lower Massive FlowInc. 466.5467.00.573.0320.00DG-11-109317,700E151.0158. ZoneDG-11-109417,820E162.0169. ZoneInc. 165.5166.00.528.3420.00DG-11-109517,460ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-109617,460ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-109717,700ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-109817,780ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-109917,780ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-110017,460ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-110117,780E135.0147.312.32.541.05Lower Massive FlowCalcite ZoneInc. 146.8147.30.556.5720.00DG-11-110217,700E181.8189.07.23.771.54Lower Massive FlowCalcite ZoneInc. 186.0186.50.552.0420.00257.0264.57.51.471.47DG-11-110317,380E19. Zone93.0114.021.00.800.80128.0198.070.00.890.89Upper Pillow Flow303.0324.021.01.621.04Upper MF/Lower PFInc. 321.5322.00.544.4220.00620.0628.08.01.461.46DG-11-110417,780E162.5171.08.51.501.50Calcite Zone194.0201. 195.3196.00.732.2720.00DG-11-110517,460ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-110617,700E285.0292.07.01.681.68Calcite ZoneDG-11-110717,780E220.0227.07.01.581.58Calcite ZoneDG-11-110817,500ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-110917,780E63. ZoneDG-11-111017,380E88.0115. Pillow FlowQK Zone126.0133. Pillow Flow224.0236.012.00.930.93264.0286.022.01.981.19Upper Pillow FlowInc. 274.3275.00.744.6820.00324.0338.614.61.331.25Inc. 338.0338.60.621.9220.00352.0360. 398.0399.01.037.3320.00DG-11-111117,620ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111217,500ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111317,620ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111417,500ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111517,620E205.0212.07.09.843.40Lower Massive FlowCalcite ZoneInc. 208.7209.20.593.7520.00Inc. 209.2209.70.536.5020.00DG-11-111617,740ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111717,740ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111817,580ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-111917,500E251.7258.97.21.991.99Calcite ZoneDG-11-112017,220E134.4148.013.60.840.84QK Zone159.0173. Pillow Flow237.0255. MF/Lower PFInc. 397.0397.50.524.2720.00DG-11-112117,740E162.0170. ZoneDG-11-112217,580ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-112317,740E182.0189.07.01.811.81Calcite Zone218.0225.37.33.393.39DG-11-112417,580ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-112517,540ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-112617,740E271.0278.07.001.901.90Calcite ZoneDG-11-112717,540ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-112817,220E58. Zone85.0101.016.00.720.72121.0137.,540E191.0198. ZoneInc. 195.9196.40.558.7520.00DG-11-113017,540ENo Significant Results.Calcite ZoneDG-11-113117,340ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-113217,220E85.0107.022.01.381.38QK Zone146.0161. 522.5523.20.726.5020.00DG-11-113317,340ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-113417,340E137.0145.08.02.772.77QK Zone448.0455.07.05.523.20Lower KPFInc. 450.5451.00.552.5020.00DG-11-113517,300ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-113617,300ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-113717,340E83. Pillow FlowQK ZoneInc. 285.8286.50.721.8620.00411.0418. Massive FlowInc. 413.7414.20.567.9320.00434.8442.07.21.491.49484.0491.,300E460.0469.39.31.801.80QK ZoneDG-11-113917,340E129.0144.115.10.940.94QK Zone333.0340.07.03.741.48Lower Massive FlowInc. 336.0336.50.551.5420.00525.0535.410.42.132.13DG-11-114017,300ENo Significant Results.QK ZoneDG-11-114117,340E202.0215. Zone542.0553.011.00.970.97589.5598. 597.6598.10.534.9120.00DG-11-114217,300E147.0157.010.00.970.97QK Zone492.0508.016.02.692.21Lower Massive FlowInc. 495.0495.50.5021.9920.00Inc. 507.0508.01.026.6820.00533.0540.57.52.692.69CMHNote: All values above 20 g/t in the composite are reported in the table. True width is estimated to be 65 to 75% of the drilled length. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Gerald PannetonDetour Gold CorporationPresident and CEO(416) 304.0800ORLaurie GaboritDetour Gold CorporationDirector Investor Relations(416) 304.0581ORRoyal Bank Plaza, South TowerDetour Gold Corporation200 Bay Street, Suite 2200Toronto, OntarioM5J