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Press release from CNW Group

Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. Declares Distributions for Funds

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. Declares Distributions for Funds19:35 EDT Wednesday, March 21, 2012TORONTO, March 21, 2012 /CNW/ - Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. today declared March 2012 cash distributions for the following funds:FundTradingSymbolDistributionAmount(per Unit)RecordDatePayableDate Distribution AmountAnnualizedTSX Trading Price Per Unit as ofMar. 20, 2011 Current YieldAustralian Banc Income Fund(Class A Units and Class F Units)AUI.UN$0.1875Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$0.75$9.358.0%Build America Investment Grade BondFund  (Class A Units and Class F Units)*BAB.UN$0.1198Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$1.44$23.506.1%Canadian Banc Capital Securities Trust(Class A Units and Class F Units) *CSB.UN$0.375Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$1.50$27.005.6%CC&L Conservative Income & Growth Fund  CCP.UN$0.1161Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$1.39$25.515.4%CC&L Financial Opportunities Fund (Class A Units and Class F Units)GFO.UN$0.02778Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$0.33$4.607.2%CC&L Real Return Income Fund*RRB.UN$0.02083Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$0.25$7.503.3%North American Financials CapitalSecurities Trust (Class A and Class FUnits) *NAF.UN$0.375Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$1.50$25.545.9%HBanc Capital Securities Trust - Class AUnits, Series 1 and 2*HSC.UN (Series 1) $0.1458Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$1.75$22.967.6%HBanc Capital Securities Trust - Class UUnits, Series 1 and 2*Not listed U.S. $0.1458  Mar. 30, 2012  Apr. 16, 2012 U.S. $1.75  ING Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund,Class A Units*ISL.UN$0.0417Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012$0.50$9.195.4%ING Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund,Class U Units*ISL.UU.S. $0.0417Mar. 30, 2012Apr. 16, 2012U.S. $0.50$9.165.5%*Distributions are expected to be characterized as 100% return of capital.Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. (CC&L Capital Markets) is a leading Canadian structured financial products investment firm that is focused on creating and managing high quality investment vehicles that will stand the test of time and ultimately allow our clients to achieve their personal financial goals. Formed in 2001, CC&L Capital Markets has designed, launched and currently manages nineteen investment vehicles, raising more than $2 billion in assets.CC&L Capital Markets is part of the Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group.  Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group provides investment management services to individuals, advisors, pension plans, institutional investors and foundations.  The investment platform offers a broad range of traditional and alternative investment management services, including domestic and international equities and fixed income, hedge funds, private equity and infrastructure.As Canada's only multi-boutique asset management firm, Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group is uniquely focused on creating the conditions for success for its clients, partners and employees.  The firm has offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and through its affiliated investment managers is responsible for the investment of approximately $38 billion in financial assets. For further information: please visit or contact: Darren Cabral Vice President & CFO Connor, Clark & Lunn Capital Markets Inc. 416-214-6182 Toll Free: