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comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Web Properties for March 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Web Properties for March 201216:30 EDT Tuesday, April 24, 2012Mega Millions $656 Million Dollar Jackpot Causes Traffic to Spike at Lotto Sites Americans Book Last-Minute Spring Break Plans and Look Ahead at Summer GetawaysRESTON, Va., April 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its monthly analysis of U.S. web activity at the top online properties for March 2012 based on data from the comScore Media Metrix service. Lotto sites witnessed a huge spike in traffic as the Mega Millions jackpot climbed towards its eventual $656 million total in March. Meanwhile, Travel sites were busy keeping up with spring break and summertime travel demand. (Logo: "Americans were 'all-in' for the Mega Millions jackpot in March as the prize climbed to its greatest payout in U.S. history at $656 million," said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore. "Travel sites saw considerable pickup during the month as many looked to book last-minute spring break trips and summer travel."Big Prize Money Draws Players to Lotto SitesThe Mega Millions jackpot had American hopefuls visiting Lotto sites to buy tickets or check to see if they held the winning ticket. The category drew nearly 29 million visitors in March, up 25 percent to rank as the top-gaining category for the month. ranked #1 with 6.4 million visitors, up 590 percent versus February to reach an all-time high for the property. ranked second with 3.2 million visitors (up 101 percent), followed by with 2.6 million, with 2.6 million (up 10 percent), with 1.5 million (up 62 percent) and with 1.5 million. Travel Tops the Charts in MarchIn March, Americans were seeking to book last-minute spring break travel or looking ahead to summertime getaways, which helped several travel subcategories rank among the top-gainers. For those looking to book a few months out, Travel Information sites were particularly helpful, drawing 69.7 million visitors during the month (up 10 percent). TripAdvisor Media Group led the pack with 18.1 million visitors (up 5 percent), followed by Travora Media with 15.5 million visitors (up 5 percent) and Yahoo! Travel with 11.1 million visitors (up 9 percent). Airline sites grew 8 percent to 29.8 million visitors in March, with Southwest Airlines Co. ranking first in the category with 10.9 million visitors (up 17 percent). Delta Airlines secured the #2 spot with 6.1 million visitors (up 9 percent), followed by United Airlines with 5.4 million (up 61 percent), American Airlines with 4.8 million (up 8 percent), JetBlue Airways with 3.3 million (up 1 percent) and US Airways Group, Inc. with 2.6 million (up 8 percent). Top 50 Properties Google Sites ranked as the #1 property in March with 189.7 million visitors, followed by Microsoft Sites with 178.9 million, Yahoo! Sites with 175.4 million and with 158.9 million. Ask Network climbed to the #7 position, while ESPN jumped 6 positions to rank #26. Top 50 Ad Focus RankingGoogle Ad Network led the March Ad Focus ranking with a reach of 91.7 percent of Americans online, followed by AOL Advertising (83.1 percent), Google (81.7 percent), Yahoo! Network Plus (81.4 percent) and AT&T AdWorks (81.1 percent). Table 1comScore Top 10 Gaining Properties by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors* (U.S.)March 2012 vs. February 2012 Total U.S. ? Home, Work and University LocationsSource: comScore Media MetrixTotal Unique Visitors (000)Feb-12Mar-12% ChangeRank by Unique VisitorsTotal Internet : Total Audience  219,988224,0202N/APerformerSoft.com3,6609,225152186Sun Microsystems, Inc.5,9868,41040201Babylon.com6,3838,82438196CollegeHumor Media5,6907,54933218TheStreet Sites5,4187,07931234MLB7,8639,75824177DailyMotion.com11,47413,82420118SB Nation9,08210,86520153Instagr.am6,9068,20819204ESPN31,74437,7211926*Ranking based on the top 250 properties in March 2012. Excludes entities whose growth was primarily due to tagging through unified digital audience measurement.  Table 2comScore Top 10 Gaining Site Categories by Percentage Change in Unique Visitors (U.S.)March 2012 vs. February 2012Total U.S. ? Home, Work and University LocationsSource: comScore Media MetrixTotal Unique Visitors (000)Feb-12Mar-12% ChangeTotal Internet : Total Audience  219,988224,0202Gambling ? Lotto/Sweepstakes23,15828,97025Travel ? Transactions3,3823,80112Travel ? Information63,31269,70510News/Information ? Politics41,37445,49410Retail ? Tickets26,79329,1939Travel ? Airlines27,52029,7848Entertainment ? Humor57,50661,3827Travel ? Car Rental6,8127,2607Travel ? Hotels/Resorts33,06335,0886Career Resources & Development ? Job Search21,95323,2176 Table 3 comScore Top 50 Properties (U.S.)March 2012Total U.S. ? Home, Work and University LocationsSource: comScore Media MetrixRankPropertyUnique Visitors(000)RankPropertyUnique Visitors(000)Total Internet : Total Audience  224,0201Google Sites189,66226ESPN37,7212Microsoft Sites178,89727Technorati Media37,4553Yahoo! Sites175,35628LinkedIn.com37,4144Facebook.com158,92629AT&T Interactive Network35,1545AOL, Inc.109,92130Adobe Sites35,0786Amazon Sites106,30531NetShelter Technology Media34,3857Ask Network92,32432Disney Online34,1308Wikimedia Foundation Sites86,22133Tribune Interactive33,8259CBS Interactive82,53034Alloy Digital Network32,16010Apple Inc.81,15735Yelp.com32,08911Turner Digital80,89736Fox News Digital Network31,22712Glam Media78,33737Break Media29,94213Comcast NBCUniversal78,31738Everyday Health28,87014New York Times Digital75,70339Netflix.com27,44815Viacom Digital75,26440Internet Brands, Inc.26,29416eBay70,58841The Washington Post Company26,12117Federated Media Publishing65,94942Cox Enterprises Inc.24,93618Demand Media63,69843Myspace24,72019VEVO58,28844Discovery Digital Media Sites24,54320Weather Channel, The54,07845BitTorrent Network24,19921craigslist, inc.53,25146EA Online24,08422Gannett Sites50,25847Target Corporation24, Sites45,08848Scripps Networks Interactive Inc.23,83524Twitter.com40,31049Yellowbook Network23,73425Wal-Mart39,05050WeatherBug Property22,642 Table 4comScore Ad Focus Ranking (U.S.)March 2012Total U.S. ? Home, Work and University LocationsSource: comScore Media MetrixRankPropertyUnique Visitors (000)% ReachRankPropertyUnique Visitors (000)% ReachTotal Internet : Total Audience  224,020100.01Google Ad Network**205,44391.726Adconion Media Group**124,61155.62AOL Advertising**186,24183.127AdBlade Network**122,35354.63Google182,94881.728Undertone**116,81552.14Yahoo! Network Plus**182,31981.429AOL, Inc.109,92149.15AT&T AdWorks**181,60281.130CPX Interactive**105,12146.96ShareThis179,87580.331Smowtion Ad Network**104,61746.77Yahoo! Sites175,35678.332Meebo93,61441.8824/7 Real Media Global Web Alliance**174,85678.133Ask Network92,32441.29ValueClick Networks**174,16877.734Traffic Marketplace**92,17241.110Specific Media**173,42277.435AMAZON.COM*89,85040.111Microsoft Media Network US**171,32876.536Bing89,73140.112Tribal Fusion**166,92774.537WIKIPEDIA.ORG*85,93838.413AdBrite**161,06871.938Monster Career Ad Network (CAN)**85,13238.014PulsePoint**160,63471.739Rocket Fuel**83,14337.115Casale Media - MediaNet**159,04071.040Kontera**82,93837.016FACEBOOK.COM158,92670.941Glam Media78,33735.017Collective Display**156,50769.942Windows Live72,19432.218Vibrant Media**153,84868.743Technorati Media**71,44931.919RadiumOne**152,04267.944Federated Media Publishing65,94929.420interclick**148,02266.145Demand Media63,69828.421Cox Digital Solutions - Network**145,37664.946Dedicated Media**62,18227.822AudienceScience**142,82463.847Redux Media - Reach & Response Network**59,59926.623Burst Media**133,36859.548About59,36826.524YOUTUBE.COM*125, Network**56,58125.325MSN125,71956.150Weather Channel, The54,07824.1Reach % denotes the percentage of the total Internet population that viewed a particular entity at least once in March. For instance, Yahoo! Sites was seen by 78.3 percent of the 224 million Internet users in March. * Entity has assigned some portion of traffic to other syndicated entities.** Denotes an advertising network.  About comScore Media MetrixcomScore Media Metrix provides industry-leading Internet audience measurement services that report details of online media usage, visitor demographics and online buying power for the home, work and university audiences across local U.S. markets and across the globe. comScore Media Metrix reports are used by financial analysts, advertising agencies, publishers and marketers. comScore Media Metrix syndicated ratings are based on industry-sanctioned sampling methodologies.About comScore comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) is a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics. For more information, please visit comScore, Inc.For further information: Stephanie Flosi of comScore, Inc., +1-312-777-8801,