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GovDelivery Continues to Transform Public Sector Digital Communication With Enhancements to GovDelivery Network

Monday, June 11, 2012

GovDelivery Continues to Transform Public Sector Digital Communication With Enhancements to GovDelivery Network06:00 EDT Monday, June 11, 2012MINNEAPOLIS, June 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GovDelivery, a leader in cloud-based communication solutions for government, announced today significant enhancements to the GovDelivery Network. These improvements will allow more than 500 public sector organizations using GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM) to reach more people through digital communications than ever before possible. The GovDelivery Network is a unique solution that allows public sector organizations to cross-promote content with other government entities in order to dramatically increase the number of people signing up to receive electronic updates. Connecting directly with the public in massive numbers is critical to driving mission results from digital communication, because it allows government organizations to deliver important and sometimes critical information, such as school closures, updates to local park hours, program changes and national health alerts, providing the greatest possible mission impact. As the most widely used digital communication platform in the public sector, organizations using the GovDelivery Network have an incredible opportunity to partner and share content with other GovDelivery clients, broadening each organization's reach beyond traditional communication channels without additional time, effort or cost. Prior to the upgrade, GovDelivery clients using the Network saw an average increase of 66% in the number of new people signing up for updates every day. In testing the upgraded Network, clients saw an average increase of 133% in new subscribers from the Network. "We're proud to deliver major enhancements to one of the most important and unique benefits that governments receive by working together to reach more people through GovDelivery," noted Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery. "These upgrades allow our clients to reach more people than ever before and make it even easier for them to take advantage of this unique approach. The ability to cross-promote across GovDelivery's Local, State and Federal clients has become even more important on the heels of the Administration's recent digital directive to 'create once, publish everywhere.' The GovDelivery Network can get an organization's content in front of an audience that didn't even know it existed, and this is crucial for driving mission value." Significant enhancements were made to increase usage of the Network and improve the user experience. One key enhancement is the new Featured Network Content capability, which allows a client to feature its most popular or most important content in other Local, State, Federal and international clients' subscription processes. This improves usability and results in more citizens choosing to sign up to receive additional content through the Network. "The GovDelivery Network draws on the principles of cross promotion used in major online retail sites like With the Network, a citizen signing up for updates from a City will have the option to also sign up for updates from their County or State in a single process. Or a subscriber signing up for health alerts from the CDC can simultaneously sign up for updates from the FDA or," said Jeremy Greene, Director of Product Management for GovDelivery. "The Featured Network Content capability continues to draw on online retail concepts by providing a more focused list of recommended content to each new subscriber, just as promotes a small list of the most relevant products after you make an initial purchase decision." Another key update is the Managed Network Service, which allows GovDelivery to proactively manage Network relationships on clients' behalf using best practices and network data analysis. This provides more efficient access to world-class results for government organizations that are already under budget and time pressures. The upgraded Network has been rolled out to clients at no additional charge. Hear Scott Burns discuss improvements to the GovDelivery Network at GovDelivery GovDelivery helps public sector organizations maximize direct connections with the public through digital communications. GovDelivery Digital Communication Management solution is a comprehensive, government-to-citizen communication solution designed specifically for the public sector. GovDelivery serves more than 500 government organizations worldwide including more than half of major U.S. federal agencies, as well as state, county, and city governments in the U.S., and local authorities and central government agencies in the United Kingdom. Government organizations use GovDelivery to optimize effectiveness, efficiency, and engagement in communications with the public. GovDelivery is a partner company of ICG (Nasdaq:ICGE). For more information, visit The GovDelivery logo is available at John Cook Director of Marketing 651-757-4146