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Rockgate Discovers Northeast Extension to High-Grade Plateau Edge Structure, Falea Uranium-Silver-Copper Project, Mali

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rockgate Discovers Northeast Extension to High-Grade Plateau Edge Structure, Falea Uranium-Silver-Copper Project, Mali07:00 EDT Tuesday, August 14, 2012VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 14, 2012) -Rockgate Capital Corp. (TSX:RGT) (the "Company") is pleased to announce assay results from infill and step-out diamond drilling completed along and adjacent to the southeast-trending Plateau Edge Structure ("PES") and in the newly discovered Northeast Plateau Zone. Hosting high-grade uranium-silver-copper mineralization, the PES is a major mineralized structural zone within the North Zone at Rockgate's 100% owned Falea Project. An update of mineral resources is planned for later this fall.Highlights:16 DDH's increase lateral extent of thick, high-grade mineralization at PES. 36 DDH's infill on the new Northeast Plateau Zone. Infill and step-out drilling has been highly successful, extending mineralization from the southern boundary of the North Zone, expanding Bodi Area mineralization, and stepping out on Central Zone. The first half 2012 drill program of 400 diamond drill holes totalling over 88,000 metres has been completed.Table 1 Drill HighlightsZoneHole NameFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)U3O8% XRFAg (g/tonne)Cu %Plateau Edge Structure (PES)DF-559195.9201.35.40.3863.50.09DF-632198.9206.07.10.1028.10.06DF-639198.7200.97.90.20124.20.17DF-643207.5216.08.50.13167.60.49Northeast PlateauDF-538187.1191.24.10.0614.00.03DF-577196.4205.59.10.0612.00.12DF-600194.2202. reported intervals are true widths.The PES infill drill program was designed to:Build M & I mineral resources by expanding areas of thick, high-grade uranium mineralization. Define limits to PES-style mineralization. Add value by expanding high-grade silver mineralization. Better understand the sedimentology and structural geology influencing the distribution of mineralization.The Northeast Plateau step-out and exploration drill program has been successful in:Providing new area for inclusion to the project mineral resource. (Northeast Plateau is not included in any of the resource categories in the January 2012 Mineral Resource Estimate). Determining the mineral resource potential northeast of the North Zone. Better understanding of the sedimentology and structural geology influencing the distribution of mineralization to the northeast.Plateau Edge Structure The northwest-trending Plateau Edge Structure is a major mineralized structural zone within the North Zone Area, hosting elevated and thicker than deposit average uranium, silver, and copper mineralization. Silver and copper grades are significantly higher than other areas of the Falea deposits. PES is quite well-understood by virtue of the fact that much of the identified PES is drilled off to 25-metre drill hole spacing. Thus, most of the PES mineral resource is classified as Measured.The 2012 diamond drilling at PES extended the 25-metre drill spacing to better define the margins of the "structure", including trends in uranium, silver, and copper grades and thickness of mineralization. In general, grades and thickness are strong stepping to the east and west of the core of the trend, and remain stronger to the west. Table 2 highlights many of these results.Table 2 Plateau Edge Structure - HighlightsHole NameFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)U3O8% XRFAg (g/tonne)Cu %DF-559195.9201.35.40.3863.50.09DF-562195.1202.67.50.07113.50.10DF-565195.6198.52.90.09158.60.01DF-622205.7208.22.50.1067.30.16DF-626201.2205.13.90.1133.70.06DF-632198.9206.07.10.1028.10.06DF-634198.4202.33.90.0425.30.32DF-635201.0203.92.90.1025.10.03DF-638195.0199.44.40.0930.00.20DF-639198.7200.97.90.20124.20.17DF-643207.5216.08.50.13167.60.49Northeast Plateau The Northeast Plateau was discovered in November 2011 and was not included in the January 2012 Mineral Resource Estimate. On April 4th, 2012, Rockgate released results for the initial 16 diamond drill holes completed in late 2011. From January through March, Rockgate drilled off the new discovery to 50-metre drill spacing. The Northeast Plateau is located proximal to high-grade mineralization in the PES and uranium mineralization is widespread. Highlights of this phase of drilling are presented in Table 3.Table 3 Northeast Plateau ResultsHole NameFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)U3O8% XRFAg (g/tonne)Cu %DF-527204.3205.00.70.17322.00.46DF-538187.1191.24.10.0614.00.03DF-545199.5201.62.10.0970.70.81DF-564199.8203. Exploration Program Nineteen diamond drill holes stepped northeast and east of the Northeast Plateau and North Zone on a 200-metre spaced grid as part of a systematic assessment of the area. Drilling tested up to 650 metres north of the Northeast Plateau and 600 metres east of the North Zone. Drilling confirmed uranium and silver mineralization underlying an area of approximately 94 km2. Results for all 19 drill holes are listed in Appendix I.2012 Diamond Drill Program Rockgate's H1 2012 drill program involved 4 diamond drills exploring several areas outside the current resource boundary. Step-out drilling was focused on 3 main areas:Bodi Area - to confirm and expand near-surface mineralization north of the Falea plateau with the aim of identifying potential open pit resources and access to underground at North Zone. North Zone South Block - to extend high-grade mineralization into a 400 metre x 500 metre block immediately south of the North Zone and east of the Road Fault. Two fences of 9 holes further east on the PES SE Extension are also underway. Central Zone - to extend mineralization to the east, northeast, and southeast.Drilling was suspended on August 1st due to the onset of intense seasonal rains.Christopher J. Wild, P.Eng., Project Manager for Falea, is the Qualified Person for the Company under NI 43-101. All core samples are cut in half on site and sent to ALS-Chemex in Bamako for direct shipment to ALS-Chemex in Johannesburg, South Africa, for ICP-MS and XRF analysis. The company inserts a standard, blank and requests a duplicate sample be run in every batch of 20 samples. In addition, the lab inserts in-house blanks, standards, and duplicates with each shipment. Data that falls outside the control limits are checked and repeated as necessary. HQ-size core (63.5 mm diameter) was drilled at both PES and Northeast Plateau. Mineralized core was sawn in half and one half sawn into quarters. One quarter core was sent for assay, quarter retained as a permanent record, and half core was collected for pilot plant-scale metallurgical test workFor more information please visit our website at BEHALF OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF ROCKGATE CAPITAL CORP.Karl Kottmeier, PresidentAppendix ITables of ResultsPlateau Edge StructureHole NameFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)U3O8% XRFAg (g/tonne)Cu %DF-559195.9201.35.40.38163.50.09incl196.6197.50.91.95738.00.04DF-562195.1202.67.50.072113.50.10incl197.2197.90.70.43513.40.01DF-565195.6198.52.90.087158.60.01incl195.6196.20.60.267575.00.02DF-569196.0196.50.50.47568.00.02DF-622205.7208.22.50.09567.30.16incl205.7206.91.20.125133.00.26DF-626201.2205.13.90.10733.70.06incl201.7202.71.00.19075.00.06DF-628Drill hole abandoned DF-632198.9206.07.10.10028.10.06incl200.7201.71.00.43045.00.10DF-634198.4202.33.90.04025.30.32incl200.8201.81.00.09534.00.41DF-635201.0203.92.90.09525.10.03incl202.2202.80.60.24035.40.08DF-638195.0199.44.40.08830.00.20incl195.0196.51.50.17760.60.16DF-639198.7200.97.90.195124.20.17incl200.7201.71.01.08070.00.04DF-642191.3198.16.80.01851.50.19or191.3191.80.50.040215.00.05with194.6195.71.10.05071.00.05with197.5198.10.60.04143.01.39DF-643207.5216.08.50.129167.60.49incl209.7211.21.50.284300.60.32and214.4216.01.60.257572.31.58DF-645191.8192.30.50.050153.00.28and197.6198.10.50.03783.00.17DF-648193.5196.73.20.05634.80.08Northeast PlateauHole NameFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)U3O8% XRFAg (g/tonne)Cu %DF-518191.9193.11.20.06024.60.13DF-521195.0196.01.00.0084.50.06DF-523199.0200.01.00.0061.00.01DF-527204.3205.00.70.167322.00.46DF-532187.5188.51.00.02813.60.05DF-536192.0199.47.40.0160.90.12incl198.1199.41.30.0533.80.47DF-538187.1191.24.10.06214.00.03incl190.1191.21.10.1105.70.02DF-545199.5201.62.10.08770.70.81incl199.5200.00.50.220132.01.49DF-548204.8205.60.80.0572.30.24DF-552203.3204.91.60.0344.30.60incl204.3204.90.60.0603.50.39DF-557195.2195.70.50.0300.60.07and201.5202.00.50.0432.30.14DF-560203.2203.70.50.05012.50.72DF-564199.8203.33.50.0515.20.26or199.8200.30.50.1303.60.16and202.3203.31.00.1106.40.12DF-571201.8205.23.40.0263.60.18or204.5205.20.70.0742.90.09DF-573204.8205.50.70.0213.50.11DF-575192.1193.81.70.15733.40.06incl192.7193.81.10.20444.00.03DF-577196.4205.59.10.05812.00.12incl197.0198.01.00.33065.00.30DF-579200.6201.50.90.01315.30.02DF-581200.3201.31.00.0251.20.18DF-584204.0204.50.50.1308.20.54DF-585194.3197.63.30.04217.30.03and202.4203.20.80.11610.30.10DF-588196.8198.61.80.0403.80.19and201.3201.80.50.0403.10.07DF-590199.8200.60.80.2206.40.13DF-591192.8193.50.70.0107.70.04or197.7198.20.50.0107.20.64DF-594187.5188.00.50.0078.80.25or197.0197.60.60.0067.40.32DF-596202.3203.31.00.0904.10.08DF-597194.2194.90.70.0601.70.15DF-600194.2202.58.30.0736.20.10incl194.2194.70.50.99032.00.13and202.0202.50.50.19713.70.29DF-601204.9206.41.50.0772.40.10DF-602192.3192.80.50.0264.00.23and201.9203.01.10.0247.90.22DF-605202.5206.03.50.0336.70.22incl205.5206.00.50.16111.00.38DF-606202.4208.35.90.0706.90.22incl204.7206.11.40.2378.20.19DF-609199.8202.72.90.0304.60.37incl202.0202.70.70.0808.00.87DF-610200.6202.51.90.0754.00.68DF-617200.1203.02.90.14011.40.55incl202.2203.00.80.46014.90.34DF-620204.1205.00.90.0123.30.43DF-623194.8195.40.60.0291.10.11DF-627202.5203.20.70.0265.40.70DF-630203.4205.21.80.01622.81.20Northeast ExplorationHole NameFrom (m)To (m)Length (m)U3O8% XRFAg (g/tonne)Cu %DF-656199.6200.10.50.0553.60.20DF-662219.2220.71.50.0171.20.39and228.1229.11.00.0364.00.13DF-684224.0225.01.00.0040.10.00DF-691214.0215.01.00.0020.30.05DF-695216.2216.70.50.0171.20.16DF-701234.8235.40.60.0403.50.11DF-705231.8232.50.70.03229.00.44DF-710226.0227.01.00.0040.70.07DF-714219.0220.01.00.0042.00.05DF-720197.0198.01.00.0082.20.29DF-724203.8205.21.40.0432.60.24DF-729202.7203.71.00.0652.90.23DF-733206.0208.92.90.0291.10.09DF-736204.6205.10.50.0661.70.70DF-741207.7208.20.50.0200.70.08DF-745215.8216.50.70.0130.40.11DF-748223.0224.01.00.0022.10.16DF-753225.7223.20.50.0120.40.01DF-756236.0237.01.00.0041.60.13To view the Drill Hole Location Plan Map, please visit the following link: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Karl KottmeierRockgate Capital Corp.President(604) 678 8941(604) 689 7442 (FAX)ORKirk GamleyRockgate Capital Corp.VP Corporate Development(604) 678 8941(604) 689 7442 (FAX)www.rockgatecapital.comNeither Toronto Stock Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.