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Q&A: Small- to medium-size business ask how to save on taxes

The Globe and Mail

Toronto chartered accountant Mitch Silverstein will take your questions at 1 p.m. on Thursday, April 26. (Rosa Park for The Globe and Mail)

If you run a small- to mid-sized enterprise (SME), tax season can be a time of stress simply because you may be too busy running your business to focus on longer-term goals.

Even successful entrepreneurs may feel isolated and uncertain about whether they are getting the best business advice. Many fail to capitalize on opportunities to save taxes, grow assets and maximize profitability.

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Chartered accountant Mitch Silverstein, a senior partner with SBLR LLP Chartered Accountants in Toronto, answered questions about how SME business owners can save or recover every possible dollar in personal and corporate taxes and protect assets.

Mr. Silverstein has worked with entrepreneurial clients across all industries for more than 25 years. He represents SBLR at TEC Canada, an executive forum for business owners, and is also a founding member of several platinum-level networking groups of professional service providers serving the SME marketplace.

Mr. Silverstein’s specialties include accounting, strategic tax and specialized tax credits for privately-owned corporations.

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