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Work your biceps, not your wallet

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Work Your Biceps, Not Your Wallet

Alternatives to that expensive gym membership. My own Y membership is far from cheap, but to me it's money well spent.

How To Manage Your Portfolio

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Here's a video on basic management of an investment portfolio management from the CFA Institute, which is a global association for investment professionals. Worth noting here that CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst, a senior designation for people who manage money for a living.

The Deluded Dividend Investor

The Canadian Couch Potato blog says it's a myth that companies paying dividends are better than those that don't, and that you can beat the market by dividend investing. Not everyone agrees, as you'll see in the reader comments.

Your RRSP Toolbox

Here are some retirement planning tools offering by the website, which is part of the Investor Education Fund, an independent organization funded by the Ontario Securities Commission. Nobody's selling anything here.

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