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What are the challenges for a post-Jobs Apple? Add to ...

Is Steve Jobs replaceable?

Mr. Jobs announced his resignation Wednesday after markets closed and recommended chief operating officer Tim Cook take over as CEO. Mr. Jobs leaves after sheepherding Apple over the past decade to the top of the consumer electronics world. The company is in great condition with loads of cash in the bank, a proven product cycle and a history of innovation.

Yet some analysts and experts remain concerned. Steve Jobs in not the whole company, but like few other CEOs his vision, ability to make decisions that often prove to be sage and profitable and loyalty he commands are unlikely to be replicated.

Join us at 9 am this morning for a live discussion on Apple’s future under Tim Cook with Atlanta-based tech analyst Jeff Kagan. Mr. Kagan is a columnist and author and has been following the tech industry for more than 25 years.

“It will be interesting to watch the transition of the company, with a new leader, and the next generation of Apple,” Mr. Kagan wrote Wednesday on his blog after the announcement.

Mr. Kagan will be online for about an hour.

Update: Here's a transcript of the live discussion:


Michael Snider - Good morning Jeff and thanks very much for joining us. I suppose it's not a huge shock that Jobs is stepping down as CEO but one thing you mentioned last night on your blog post -- you asked if there's a Steve Jobs premium. Is there? Is Apple suddenly a different company this morning?


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

Good Morning Michael. It is my pleasure to be here with you this morning.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

Yes in some ways Apple is a completely different company this morning, but in other ways it is exactly the same. Let me explain.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

The iPad, iPhone, iPod maker is still there just like before. This move from Steve Jobs was expected at some point. The question is what comes next.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

The company has loads of customers who line up the night before to get the next version because Apple has a very unique relationship with customers.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

The Apple relationship is what every other company would love to have, but don't. Apple is an incredible success story, but only few other companies have the same connection.


Michael Snider - How much of that success is the result of the guy leaving?


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

Can new CEO Tim Cook continue that unbeleiveable level of connection with the customer or will that disappear with Jobs? That is the question we all are waiting to see.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

Steve Jobs has grown from an unknown in the 1970's to an incredible figure today. He is responsible for so many industry changing and reshaping products like the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but don't forget iTunes, the retail stores and the movie business with Pixar and Walt Disney as well.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

There are no other Steve Jobs like CEO's out there today. The question is it impossible to replace him or is it just Apple?


Michael Snider - jeff -- what does cook have to do to keep the "magic" working?


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

We may see Apple revert to an ordinary company, or we may see it continue to grow as rapidly. We'll just have to wait and see.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

This initial period is key.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

Just like when you meet someone for the first time and don't know exactly how to measure them up. The first words, the first actions speak volumes.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

If they are accurate and right on that is good. If they are wrong, then the company has to fix the wrong perception, and THEN rebuild the right one.


[Comment From Jeff Kagan]

So it is vital that Apple give the right impression immediately so we have the right one going forward.


[Comment From Dennis Wu ]

How and/or will Jobs' resignation affect consumer buying trends of Apple products?

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