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General Contact Information


The Globe and Mail
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To make a general comment or suggestion about the contents of the newspaper, send an e-mail message to

To contact Globe journalists more securely online, visit our SecureDrop information page. We also have a Directory of PGP-enabled staff.

Publisher and CEO

Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO

Sylvia Stead, Public Editor



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How to reach other newspaper staff

Almost all Globe and Mail staff, including reporters, can be contacted by e-mail.

In most cases the e-mail address follows this formula: first initial + last name + For example, Jeffrey Simpson is

Please note that this address formula only applies to staff members; if you wish to contact freelance writers, please contact the section in which they appeared or the Newsroom.

There are also a couple of cases in which names are duplicated and therefore don't follow the pattern. They are as follows:

How to reach each section

Public Editor