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The Dashboard on globeandmail.com

The Dashboard on globeandmail.com


The Dashboard: How to customize The Globe and take it with you Add to ...

Welcome to the new Globe Dashboard. Globe Dashboard is available exclusively to Globe Unlimited subscribers to help you keep track of the news you need to know. The Dashboard is an evolving tool that lets you follow specific companies, get breaking news alerts, and save stories for later reading.

As one of the first subscribers to Globe Unlimited, you’ll play an important part in shaping the future of this product. The Globe and Mail welcomes your feedback and ideas as we work on improving the Dashboard and making sure it’s an integral component of your Globe Unlimited experience.

To get started, log in to globeandmail.com from a computer or tablet. Once you’re logged in, scroll over to the far right of any Globe and Mail page, and you’ll see your Dashboard. Globe Dashboard personalizes your globeandmail.com news experience and allows you to follow companies and stocks that interest you. It also allows you to save articles to read later. You’ll notice it has a “beta” label - that’s because in future upgrades you’ll be able to follow specific Globe and Mail journalists and topics of interest.


To follow companies and stocks that interests you, you must add them to your Dashboard. There are several ways to do this.

1. Use the search box at the top of every page on globeandmail.com to look up companies you’d like to follow.


When you’ve found a company, click on the plus sign beside its name, and then click “Follow in Dashboard.”


2. You can also follow companies as you read articles about them. Articles that mention stocks and other securities have a list of ticker symbols at the bottom of the page. Click on the plus sign beside any ticker to start following it in your Dashboard.


3. All Globe and Mail articles have plus signs beside their headlines. This plus sign also allows you to follow companies mentioned in the article.


Once items to follow have successfully been added to your Dashboard, every time a new story or article about them is published, you’ll see it in your Dashboard. Click on the name of any company to see a list of articles about that company. The number in brackets indicates the number of new articles published about that company. A small green dot shows you which ones you haven’t read.

As you follow companies, Dashboard will recommend others you may be interested in following.


If you don’t want to view your Dashboard, you can always minimize it at any time by clicking on the small “D” icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It opens and closes like a drawer.

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You can also set up stock alerts in your Dashboard. These alerts will allow you to find out when the price of a stock or ETF you follow reaches a key threshold. Stock price alerts need to be set up in your Watchlist using the "Alerts" dropdown menu.  For more detailed instructions on alerts read this article or watch this video.


Your Globe Dashboard also enables you to save articles, videos and other features for later reading or viewing. To do this, open any article or feature that interests you and click on the small “plus (+)” icon beside the headline and click “Save for Later.”


This action saves the article or feature to your Dashboard so that you can read and access it when you have time. To read saved articles, click on any one of them within your Dashboard, open it up, and pick-up reading wherever you left off. After you’re finished, you can clear it from your Dashboard or leave it there to read again later. To clear an article, click on “Saved Items” and click the red button to the left of a headline.


Globe Dashboard doesn’t just end there. In the coming months, you will also be able to access your Dashboard from any device of your choice. Whether you log in from your desktop, smartphone, or tablet device, your customized Globe Dashboard will always auto-populate once you log in to your globeandmail.com account.

And remember, Globe Unlimited and all of its features are included free if you subscribe to the newspaper five or six days a week, to GlobePlus or to GlobeInvestorGold. There’ s a 75 per cent discount if you subscribe to the newspaper for four days or fewer each week.

Do you have more questions? Visit our FAQ page, contact customer service at globeunlimited@globeandmail.com and 1-855-813-6111 or follow us on Twitter @globeunlimited.

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