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AutoExotica Preview

The $2-million bold and beautiful showstoppers Add to ...

Exotic cars have always been the Hollywood A-list celebrities of the motoring world: sensuously shaped, beautiful and expensively draped machines that attract crowds, photographers and eyeballs wherever they go. And for this year’s Canadian International AutoShow, a pair of $2-million dream machines will highlight the lust-worthy crop of performance and luxury machines featured at AutoExotica.

Located at the North building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the glitterati are gathered together on the lower 100 level. Down the escalators, and away from the mainstream auto makers, you’ll want to make sure to stop here, as there are many more “reasonably priced” models from Ferrari, Fisker, Porsche, Bentley and Rolls-Royce as well.

But the multi-million dollar Aston-Martin One-77 and Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport are among the most rare of these rare species. The One-77 is Aston’s most exclusive, powerful and expensive sports car. With only 77 of these 750 bhp V12 sports cars available, this will likely be the only Canadian showing of the One-77, as it’s not even officially on sale in Canada. Then again, at its reported base price of £1.15 million (roughly $1,814,850), folks looking in this snack bracket will have residences on multiple continents.

The One-77 even features some worthy Canadian content, with a carbon-fibre monocoque structure developed with GTA-based race and the engineering firm Multimatic, though the car is hand-built in Gaydon, England. The One-77 coming to Toronto for the show is one of the final pre-production engineering versions of this car, having racked up some 23,000 kilometres of high-speed endurance testing at the immense Nardo circuit in Italy and, of course, the Nürburgring in Germany.

Aston calls the 7.3-litre 12-cylinder engine the most powerful naturally aspirated production car engine in the world, and that “naturally aspirated” proviso is due to the Bugatti Veyron, the other seven-figure sports car at the show. The semi-convertible Grand Sport edition comes in at a base price of €1.4 million, or just more than two million Canadian loonies, once approximately two hundred grand in delivery and duty fees are added.

The Bugatti Veyron really is the ultimate production supercar in terms of price, power and exclusivity, though the even more powerful 1,200 hp Veyron Super Sport model won’t make it to Toronto this year. Still, the Grand Sport’s 987 hp and incredible 922 lb-ft of torque is mind-blowing. Its appearance allows show visitors not only a chance to ooh and ahh at its low-slung bodywork, but also to ogle its 8.0-litre, 16-cylinder monster of an engine – with four turbochargers. Both of these impressive designs help propel this car to a 407 km/h top speed.

But even the rarefied air around expensive exotic car designs is becoming more environmentally aware, so it won’t be all two-seat, gas-gulping sports cars at AutoExotica. California-based Fisker Automobiles will be showing its Karma sedan, a plug-in luxury four-door that has a large battery to run on pure electricity in the city and a gas-powered back-up engine for longer trips. This Henrik Fisker-designed extended range electric vehicle, similar in its green concept to the Chevrolet Volt, offers 402 hp and a mountainous 959 lb-ft of torque. Lots of power, but at 2,404 kg, also lots of weight, with the sum total good for a zero to 96 km/h stated average of 6.3 seconds – not quite all-electric Tesla Model S fast, but quick nonetheless.

Fisker of Toronto general manager Michael Cornacchia says the first customer Karmas to land in Canada, three at his dealership, will be delivered this week, if they haven’t been already. They start at a base price of $112,000, before the full $8,500 provincial Ontario electric car rebate. Fisker lists the official electric-only range of 80 kilometres, with Cornacchia stating that he’s regularly seeing about 85 km with “non-extreme” driving habits. But the U.S. government’s stricter EPA measurements suggest a real-world electric-only range of 51 kilometres, for a total range of 450-500 km.

Most novel is a complete solar roof option, which powers fans to help keep the interior cool, as well as trickle charges the car’s accessory battery.

Other cars set to appear at the AutoExotica section include the Ferrari FF, the first all-wheel drive Ferrari, and the gorgeous 458 Spider with its flip-top aluminum roof. Bentley (or actually Grand Touring Automobiles) will bring a Continental GT coupe and convertible, as well as a Mulsanne sedan, an Aston-Martin Virage and Vantage S on top of the mighty One-77, plus a Rolls-Royce Ghost and the aforementioned Bugatti.

Porsche will also be on hand, thanks to Pfaff Motors, and will have the new 911 on display, as well as a Panamera and a Cayenne S. The dealer’s tuning division will also have a number of go-fast German machines there. Folks interested in this speed machines will also appreciate the Calloway Corvette that will be there as well.

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