Serve your sweets in an antique typesetter tray

Special to The Globe and Mail

(Monica McKenna for The Globe and Mail)

Although the days when typesetter trays were a necessity of the printing process are long gone, it would be a shame to relegate these fixtures of antique and second-hand shops to the scrap heap of history. Suggestive of oversized candy boxes, they make charming serving trays for all kinds of sweets, from squares to cupcakes to - why not? - chocolate letters.

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To update their conventional raw-wood appearance, paint the tray with a food-grade paint, let dry and then fill as desired. If you can't find an actual typesetter tray, mimic the effect with any segmented serving board.

Chef Michael Tong is the owner of Toronto's Sublime Catering

Food styling by Heather Shaw/Judy Inc.(