Bridging the distance for Remote Patients

Thanks to telemedicine, Sunnybrook is connecting patients to their care team in new ways


Rethinking the brain and Glioblastoma

Advances in research, medical technology and precision surgery at Sunnybrook are improving the treatment of glioblastoma, a virulent and erratic brain cancer


Waking up to the complexities of anesthesia

Today’s role of the anesthesiologist goes far beyond the operating room with pre- and post-op patient care


Searching For Cancer

It’s an emotional process that affects patients every day – after screening or surgery, they wait to hear if they have cancer.

Seniors at the controls

Dr. Jacques Lee leads research exploring video games as a way to reduce delirium in seniors

The kidney centre

Take a tour of Sunnybrook’s ultramodern kidney facility

Managing multiples

A new technique at Sunnybrook is helping to prevent premature births

Refresher class for grandparents

With two grown daughters, Marion Frankel and her husband, Mark, anticipated becoming grandparents in the near future – just not three times over in the span of five months.

Being stronger for it

One patient’s journey through post-traumatic growth and finding inner strength after a life-threatening experience

Lake effect

When the Telfords sold their cottage by the lake, they donated the proceeds towards Sunnybrook research

Hospital Notes

What’s new at Sunnybrook

We are Sunnybrook

Organizations are the sum of their people, and these six individuals go above and beyond the call of duty, in all areas of the hospital.