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About Sunnybrook

Past, Present & Future

Since its birth 65 years ago as a veterans’ hospital, Sunnybrook has come a long way. Here are some of the highlights in our colourful history – as well as our more recent work that is blazing the trail for a healthier tomorrow.


Breaking new ground to tackle brain disorders

Clinicians and researchers at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre will come together under one roof to deliver state-of-the-art patient care – and crack the mysteries of three insidious brain diseases

Rethinking The Brain

Sunnybrook’s Brain Sciences Program brings together diverse experts to tackle some of society’s most urgent illnesses: dementia, stroke and mood disorders

Decoding the Future

A genomic revolution is coming, in which our DNA will be unlocked to reveal what health issues are programmed within us all, providing the keys to personalized treatments.

Bubbles in the brain

Sunnybrook physicians are about to test a pioneering technique to get anti-cancer drugs through the blood-brain barrier

Research and Innovation

Giving Back

Climbing over cancer

A punishing four-day trek to the top of an iconic mountain didn’t deter Kumar Punithavel in his quest to honour his late wife’s memory.

A Vision To Help

Sunnybrook ophthalmology staff volunteer in Nepal to train doctors and nurses on the most complicated state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the simplest procedures that can save eyesight.

Healing the Future