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Preemies, parents and a supporting cast

Having a baby inside a neonatal intensive care unit is a nerve-racking, life-altering experience. At Sunnybrook, parents who have been through it try to give back to those in need

About Sunnybrook


Stroke of Genius

A groundbreaking clot-removal procedure is saving the lives of stroke victims who were previously hard to treat

Hearts and minds

Why do people with bipolar disorder have high rates of early heart disease and other problems? The Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder is searching for clues in proteins found in patients’ blood

Where are they now?

Sunnybrook Magazine, which celebrates its fifth anniversary with this edition, is only possible because of our inspiring patients and their stories of perseverance and strength.

The game-changer

Sunnybrook’s Dr. Laurence Klotz started a worldwide debate on how best to treat low-risk prostate cancer – and won it

Research and Innovation

Precise guidance

Made-in-Ontario imaging devices seek to redefine the landscape of interventional cardiology

Giving Back

Passing moments

Donors like Ernie Loch are helping make renovations possible for Sunnybrook’s Palliative Care Unit

Climbing over cancer

A punishing four-day trek to the top of an iconic mountain didn’t deter Kumar Punithavel in his quest to honour his late wife’s memory.

Healing the Future