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Surgery on the cutting edge

It’s like an operation in HD – a system of sensors, targeted light and software that allows for spinal and brain surgery with pinpoint accuracy. And it helped one patient go from the operating table to the altar in only 10 days

How the System Works

A step-by-step look at the prototype surgical navigation technology that enables safer and more precise brain and spine surgery

Critical Missions

Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn is helping to rebuild the bodies – and lives – of Ukrainians injured during the country’s revolution and its simmering war along the Russian border.

Surviving and thriving

The long-term brain health of tiny, premature infants is a promising area of focus for Sunnybrook specialists

When good drugs do bad things

Dangerous interactions and rare allergic reactions are the downside of otherwise safe medications. That’s where the Drug Safety Clinic comes in

Kids say the smartest things

One morning last November, Shauna Ritter’s Grade 5 class at Dr. J. Edgar Davey Elementary School prepared for a surgery taking place 85 kilometres away.

Repairing the brain

Pairing focused ultrasound and microbubbles revolutionizes the treatment of a wide range of brain disorders

Breaking the cycle of OCD

A dedicated obsessive-compulsive disorder clinic at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre is the first of its kind in Canada, offering compassionate care and giving sufferers “greater hope” through cutting-edge research