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Pumping up the Volume

Sunnybrook is not only Ontario’s go-to centre for cochlear implants, its physicians are working on new ways to restore sound to people facing deafness

Of Life and Limb

Diabetics with arterial disease in their lower legs are being given a new lease on life with an angioplasty technique previously used only on cardiac patients

In case of emergency

From SARS to the G20 to next year’s Pan Am Games, Sunnybrook experts help lead the response to actual and potential crises

Beyond the baby blues

Do antidepressants in pregnancy pose a real risk to the fetus? A Sunnybrook psychiatrist is researching this and other issues


Just this one short word is enough to strike fear in the heart of anyone diagnosed with cancer. But Sunnybrook researchers are making strides toward a future where chemotherapy will be simpler, safer and highly effective – and its devastating side effects a thing of the past.

Where there’s a will ...

When family members contest a will, who interprets what the deceased really meant? How one geriatric psychiatrist is helping the courts decide

Practising For Perfection

Lifelike mannequins, advanced technology and seasoned staff provide a range of simulations to make everyone from new nurses to surgical residents more confident and better trained

Emergency Delivery

It isn’t always the babies who face risk in complicated pregnancies. One mother says she owes her life to Sunnybrook’s expertise.