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New strategies, new victories

State-of-the-art targeted radiation for prostate tumours and metastases is bringing uncommon results to the most common male cancer

The heat is on

Warming a tumour makes it more receptive to radiation or chemo treatment, and a Sunnybrook team is perfecting the technique with real-time monitoring

Reconstructing Prince

More than three years after he nearly lost his life in a house fire, an actor has battled back through horrific injuries to return to the stage

International arrivals

Doctors trained abroad face hurdles in getting certified to practise in Canada. But fellowship programs help smooth the transition.

Preemies, parents and a supporting cast

Having a baby inside a neonatal intensive care unit is a nerve-racking, life-altering experience. At Sunnybrook, parents who have been through it try to give back to those in need

Stroke of Genius

A groundbreaking clot-removal procedure is saving the lives of stroke victims who were previously hard to treat

Hearts and minds

Why do people with bipolar disorder have high rates of early heart disease and other problems? The Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder is searching for clues in proteins found in patients’ blood

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