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Fighting gravity during labour makes birth harder for mom and baby

Kim Vopni

When you have a bowel movement, do you lie down on your back, put your knees to your ears, hold your breath and push? I didn’t think so. So why is it that the majority of women end up in this position when it comes time to deliver their baby? Childbirth is an elimination of sorts and, just like when you have a bowel movement, birth is typically most successful with gravity, movement and listening to the body’s natural urges.

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How to stave off meltdowns when camping with kids

Simon Whitfield

There are few things I like more than getting off the grid and disappearing with my kids to go camp by a lake or the ocean. In British Columbia, that can mean going somewhere close to home or pushing way out into the boonies. To be fair, I am definitely not a mountaineer. I don’t scale glaciers with a five- and eight-year-old (who would?), but I do like exploring new places such as the Gulf Islands off the coast of Vancouver Island.

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Sexual orientation is much more complex than straight, gay or bisexual

Lori A. Brotto

When asked about sexual orientation, most people typically identify the categories: straight, gay and bisexual. We tend to place people into the straight category if they are in relationships with opposite-sex individuals, in the gay category if they are in relationships with same-sex individuals and into the bi- category if they pair with members of either sex. However, sexual orientation is much more complex than simply who one is in a relationship with. In fact, sexual orientation, the different expressions of it, what determines it, how it is defined and how it may change over one’s lifetime, is a puzzle. This summer, approximately 60 international researchers met in Lethbridge, Alta., to share the latest findings at the Puzzle of Sexual Orientation Conference. I learned a few new things that you might find interesting (and surprising!).

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Technology can make it safe for children to play outdoors again


I grew up in the seventies when staying home meant spending time with my parents. Cable TV barely existed and cartoons aired only on Saturday mornings. Pong wasn’t exactly a captivating single player video game experience. There was no Internet to endlessly surf, no streaming video services such as Netflix, no endless rabbit holes of YouTube videos, no texting, no Snapchat and no Instagram.

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Don’t let shoes ruin your bio-mechanics: How to protect yourself from the damage of high heels

Alex Allan

As high fashion collides with solid science, it appears that what props us up may also tear us down. A recent New York Times article quoted a review of footwear research, published in the Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, which concluded that walking in high heels can “alter the natural position of the foot-ankle complex, and thereby produce a chain reaction of effects that travel up the lower limb at least as far as the spine.” Another study mentioned in the article noted that wearing heels frequently over several years can lead to decreased muscular stability.

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How to spot and deal with speech loss

Carmela Tartaglia

What if you woke up one day unable to say: “I want,” “I need,” “I love.”

It seems unfathomable and yet thousands of people who were once fluent can no longer express themselves because they can’t say or remember the words; others, worse yet, can’t understand them. It’s frustrating for anyone afflicted and difficult for those around them.

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Here's how to keep your diet and fitness goals on track through summer


Making healthy choices during the summer can be a challenge. I get it – it just feels “right” to indulge while relaxing at the cottage or sitting on a patio. But it is possible to enjoy your summer and maintain a healthy lifestyle; it just takes mindfulness and advance planning.

First, analyze where you are most likely to veer off track.

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