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(Jupiterimages/(C) 2009 Jupiterimages)
(Jupiterimages/(C) 2009 Jupiterimages)

Is Facebook to blame for your divorce? Add to ...

Morning radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Facebook flirtations: Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook founder, billionaire and...homewrecker? The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that one in five American divorces involves Facebook, based on results of a survey of divorce lawyers.

Most frequently, the Daily Mail story says, a cheater is exposed when his or her partner finds incriminating chat histories.

Lesson learned: share your bank information, sure, but maybe it's best to keep your social networking passwords to yourself.

Awkward: Like the jerk who left his fiancee at the altar and then had the chutzpah to show up at her place of work, LeBron James returned to his jilted hometown of Cleveland last night to what is probably the loudest chorus of boos we've ever heard. Take a listen here.

After his very public break-up with the city he played with for years on primetime TV, sports fans expected a not-so-welcome homecoming for Mr. James. But the basketball star pulled off 38 points last night (his average was 27 at that same arena when it was his home turf) and he helped the Miami Heat clinch a win. Jeez. He's proven he's either a zen master or, like Spencer Pratt, he thrives off of being hated.

Holiday hate: Just as we were getting over the Campbellford, Ont. lynching Halloween party incident, we hear about another boldly racist move that has us scratching our heads. A Ku Klux Klan-inspired snowman (complete with noose) was found on the lawn of a man in Hayden, Idaho.

Local news reports suggest the homeowner in question has also put up Nazi flags in the past and is a known white supremacist. This glaringly racist act aside, we've got to wonder: has the anti-racism pendulum swung too far in other cases?

We unequivocally condemn things like KKK snowmen, but we've been making light of the Holocaust and Hitler for years.

Will Klan members ever reach ironic meme status the way the Führer did (see Hipster Hitler)?

How would we feel about that? Share your thoughts in the comment field below.

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