Makeup in this heat? Many women still pile it on

The Globe and Mail

(Yuri Arcurs/Thinkstock)

One in three women will never leave home without makeup on, says a British survey that found they do it for other women, not men.

The poll, conducted for TV shopping channel QVC, suggests women think about their appearance nine times a day. Thirty per cent said their beauty regimen was the last thing they pondered at night; 16 per cent said it was the first thing they thought of in the morning.

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One in five women adopted their regimens from mother.

Which brings us to Jennifer Bourgoyne, a cosmetics hoarder who told Good Morning America she'd been stockpiling makeup for three decades, in part to keep up with her "goddess" mum.

The obsession started at 12, when Ms. Bourgoyne suffered from bad skin.

"I've always had really bad skin. And so self-conscious of it since I can remember," she told Good Morning America.

The San Jose, Calif., woman spends hundreds a month on makeup, including that $20 orange lipstick that looked "hideous" off the runway.

Good Morning America brought in a professional organizer to toss boatloads of expired makeup from the hoarder's drawers.

Her tips would have had many women blushing: Powder-based products have a shelf life of two years, cream-based products should be used up within a year and mascara and eyeliners should go every three to six months.

Do wear makeup daily? Who for?