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Since Col. Williams has been sentenced, The Globe and Mail has opened comments on a limited number of stories to allow readers a forum for reasonable, informed discussion. To join the discussion, go to http://tgam.ca/BCuM

We ask readers in advance for your cooperation in refraining from posting comments which:

a) include vulgar or hateful or violent language or libelous statements, or comments that are legally questionable.
b) include personal attacks on Globe journalists or other commenters;
c) make false or unsubstantiated allegations;
d) quote people or sources where the quote or fact is not known or easily verified.

Our editors and moderators will be monitoring that forum and may close comments if the discussion is not within our community guidelines. Thanks in advance.

We are introducing a new way of commenting on the site by asking you, our reader, to help moderate the civility of conversations.

Our goal at The Globe and Mail is to foster intelligent, insightful and entertaining conversations. We encourage vigorous debate and passionate opinions, especially when backed up by facts and context. Articles on certain subjects, unfortunately, attract a high number of offensive and abusive comments. Commenting on these articles may be closed. For more information on our commenting policies, please see our or read our full . If you see a typo or error on our site, , including a link to the story where you spotted the error. The Globe and Mail may publish these comments within the paper and on digital platforms. Moderation decisions are final.



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