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Justin Trudeau on the front lawn of Parliament Hill, June, 2012. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)
Justin Trudeau on the front lawn of Parliament Hill, June, 2012. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

Full text: Justin Trudeau's speech announcing his Liberal leadership bid Add to ...

The prepared text of Justin Trudeau's speech in Montreal on Tuesday night announcing his leadership bid for the Liberal Party:


Make no small dreams, they have not the power to move the soul." -Goethe

Now that'll take courage, but more than that, it'll take hard, honest work. So let me start by telling you about the folks who taught me that best, here in Papineau.

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On this side of the riding, it’s Parc Ex. People from every nation live here. They make this neighborhood so vibrant. On the other side of Jarry Park, Xavier and Ella-Grace’s favourite park, is Villeray, one of those solidly francophone neighborhoods that defines Montreal. Artists and intellectuals live there, but so too do many families.

In the east side of the riding, there is St-Michel, where you find people like my good friend Ali Nestor – a boxer – who teaches us how to fight poverty, social exclusion and, from time to time, conservative senators.

This community is not just remarkable for our diversity of ideas, of cultures, of beliefs. What is truly remarkable is that this diversity thrives peacefully.

Here, we trust each other and we look to the future together.

This trust that binds us together here in Papineau is the trust that binds this country together.

My friends : I love Montreal. I love Quebec. 

And I am in love with Canada.

I choose, with all my heart, to serve the country I love. That's why I'm so happy to announce here, tonight, my candidacy for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada.

So I’m here to ask for your help, because this road will be one long, Canadian highway. We will have ups and downs. Breathtaking vistas and a few boring stretches. And with winter coming, icy patches.

But we will match the size of this challenge with hard, honest work.

Because hard work is what’s required. Always has been.

Canada’s success did not happen by accident, and it won’t continue without effort. This magnificent, unlikely country was founded on a bold new premise. That people of different beliefs and backgrounds, from all corners of the world, could come together to build a better life for themselves and for their children than they ever could have alone.

This new idea that diversity is strength. Not a challenge to be overcome or a difficulty to be tolerated. That is the heart and soul of the Canadian success story.

That, and the old fashioned idea of progress. The idea that we owe a sacred duty to Canadians who come after us. To work hard. To build a country that offers them even more than we had. More opportunity, more choices, more success, just as our parents and grandparents did for us.

These are the values that define and unite us.

I have seen a lot of this country. And I can tell you that those values are alive and well, from coast to coast to coast.

My fellow Liberals, these values are not the property of the Liberal Party of Canada. They are not Liberal values; they are Canadian values.

I’ve too often heard it said in Liberal circles that the Liberal Party created Canada. This, my friends, is wrong.

The Liberal Party did not create Canada. Canada created the Liberal Party.

Canadians created the Liberal Party.

The great, growing and optimistic middle class of the last century created a big-hearted, broad-minded consensus. And built a better country. For themselves, yes. But more important, for each other, and for their children.

Canadians built Medicare.

Canadians built an open and dynamic economy.

Canadians welcomed newcomers from around the world into their communities and businesses.

Canadians developed an independent foreign policy, and when necessary, bled for our values in faraway lands.

Canadians brought their constitution home.

Canadians demanded that their inalienable rights and freedoms be placed above the reach of politics.

And Canadians balanced the budget.

The Liberal Party was their vehicle of choice. It was the platform for their aspirations, not their source.

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