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Globe and Mail Editor-in-chief John Stackhouse. (Della Rollins For The Globe and Mail)
Globe and Mail Editor-in-chief John Stackhouse. (Della Rollins For The Globe and Mail)

Introducing The Globe’s new must-read Politics Insider Add to ...

Starting today, Globe Unlimited subscribers will have access to a daily dose of political journalism from across Canada produced entirely with you in mind.

The Globe’s Politics Insider is anchored by senior political writer John Ibbitson and draws from our award-winning journalists in Ottawa, five provincial capitals (Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Quebec and Halifax) and in Washington, D.C., to deliver insight and analysis that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Political coverage has been a pillar of the Globe’s journalism for more than 150 years – since George Brown’s newspaper became the centre of political discourse in Canada. With this offering, we are continuing that great tradition, but now with a mandate to cover a diverse and engaged country. We know that Globe readers are keenly interested in the politics and policy that shape the daily conversation, and with Politics Insider we hope to be part of that conversation.

To that end, you won’t find breaking news here. Globe reporters will continue to bring you those stories, along with exclusives, in print and online as always. Instead, Politics Insider will give online subscribers exclusive access daily to key insights from Globe reporters that go beyond the news headlines of the day. It will put particular emphasis on content that reflects the point where business and politics meet – but we’ll aim to have some fun, too.

Our reporters and columnists are experts in the key topic areas that matter most to Canadians – improving healthcare, balancing budgets and the challenges of coping with an aging population among them. Each day, Politics Insider will give you a peek behind the scenes on how and why these decisions get made.

Here’s what you can expect:

Each morning, the Globe’s senior political writer, John Ibbitson sets the agenda for the day with his must-read digital column on the most pressing issues in Canadian politics. This morning, John looks at what Adrian Dix as B.C. Premier would mean for Stephen Harper.

Each mid-day, the Globe’s team of Ottawa journalists gives readers a peek behind the scenes of an emerging issue in federal politics: Bill Curry on the nation’s finances, Campbell Clark on foreign affairs, Shawn McCarthy on energy policy, Gloria Galloway on the environment and Kim Mackrael on crime and punishment to name a few. This afternoon, Shawn brings us the view from Houston, Texas – the heart of American oil interests – where Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver tries to make the case for Canada’s climate policy.

Each afternoon, the Globe takes readers across the country and beyond with its team of political reporters: from Jane Taber in Halifax to Justine Hunter in British Columbia to Paul Koring in Washington. Josh Wingrove in Edmonton brings us everything you need to know about Premier Redford’s budget guy (on the day the budget lands).

We know that Globe readers are keenly interested in the politics and policy that shape the daily conversation in Canada. We would love your feedback.

John Stackhouse is the editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail.

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